Apple Working on Touchscreen MacBooks: Report

Apple may be ready to make a long-awaited move and bring touchscreen capability to its MacBooks. Bloomberg reports that the company is actively working on this, potentially departing from its traditional desktop design without a touchscreen.

Apple may launch MacBook Pro models with touchscreens and OLED displays by 2025, according to a Bloomberg report. The 14-inch and 16-inch laptops could be part of the revamp.

This week, Bloomberg reported that Apple is looking to manufacture its own displays for Apple Watch and iPhone. There was no mention of the company making screens for Macs.

For years, Apple executives have discouraged people from seeking a touchscreen MacBook. Instead, they’ve suggested trying an iPad for large computing with a touchscreen. The closest Apple came to bringing touchscreens to Macs was the now-phasing-out TouchBar on MacBook Pros.

Apple has long touted iPad as the top touchscreen “computer,” but they may need to shift this narrative if they plan on launching MacBooks with touchscreens. Meanwhile, their competitors like Microsoft have created a variety of touchscreen laptops in different shapes and sizes.

In 2010, Steve Jobs labeled touchscreens on laptops as “ergonomically terrible.”

Recently, Apple senior VP Craig Federighi referred to touchscreen PCs as experiments and stated he is not a fan.

Apple introduced Project Catalyst in 2020 to bring iOS apps to desktop systems, potentially improving compatibility and performance on MacBooks.

Apple is walking a fine line. On one hand, they’ve made their iPads more powerful with desktop-class processors, keyboards and iPadOS features. To sell both iPads and MacBooks with touchscreens, Apple must ensure enough of a distinction between the two devices.

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