Discover the Top 5 Apps for Journaling and Reflecting on Life Experiences

If you want to get into journaling this year, consider a digital version! There are plenty of apps that let you keep track of your goals and reflect on your life without the need for a physical journal. Apps are available across iPhone and Android devices.

Capture your day with ease! With a variety of apps designed to help you store memories, reflect on experiences, and track your thoughts, it’s easy to find the one that best suits you. Check out our list of the top apps for this purpose.

Day One

Day One app

The image credits for this project are due to Day One. They provided us with the images that were necessary to make this project a success and we are very thankful for their hard work and dedication.

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Day One is a personal journaling app like no other – it’s a freeform digital diary with daily prompts to help you stay on top of your goals. Plus, customizable templates save time when writing entries that track the date, weather, moon phase and more. You can even link in content from Photos and Safari!

Day One’s app helps you to recall past memories, like with its “On This Day” feature. It stands out for letting you tag entries for easier searching and a map view that shows your journaling locations.

Day One is a free journal app for iOS and Android perfect for those wanting an open-ended format. For additional features, it also offers a $3 monthly subscription.

5 Minute Journal

5 minute journal app

Image Credit: 5 Minute Journal – Streamline your day and boost your wellbeing with this simple journaling practice.

The 5 Minute Journal app provides a simple and effective way to reflect on your day in just five minutes. Twice daily, you’ll get thoughtful prompts to help capture gratitude and set goals. In the morning, express what you’re grateful for, then in the evening recall positive moments of your day – all with ease!

Receive daily notifications and inspiring quotes to stay on top of your journaling habit, plus add photos to capture everyday moments! #journaling

The 5 Minute Journal helps people get into mindfulness with its structured format, free to use on iOS and Android. For an additional $4.99 a month, users can access extra features.


Daylio app

If you’re looking for an app to help you keep track of your daily activities, Daylio is the perfect choice. It allows users to quickly and easily log their moods and activities each day, helping them gain

Daylio makes journaling quick and easy. Track your daily mood, activities, social engagements, hobbies, sleep habits and more – with optional notes for a deeper dive into any entry. Short or sweet – you decide how much to write!

Create goals to motivate yourself daily, weekly, or monthly. Choose from preset options like drinking more water or meditating; create custom ones; build habits and collect achievements. Plus, back up and restore entries on Google Drive.

Daylio is a free journaling app for iOS and Android with an optional $2.99 monthly subscription to unlock premium features. Perfect for those seeking alternatives to traditional journaling!


Memento app

Photo by Memento: Capture your moments.

Momento is a versatile journal for tracking your personal and professional life. Easily add photos, location tags and choose from various templates to log health, food or travel details. Keep a detailed record of your everyday life with Momento!

Momento is an ideal journaling app for those who want to document their daily lives. It’s free, but with a $2.49 monthly subscription you get extra features. iOS only.


DailyBean app

Image courtesy of DailyBean.

DailyBean is a fun way to record your day-to-day life with just a few taps. Log how you feel using five mood beans, then add details like if you felt refreshed or gloomy that day. Track whatever matters most to you – emotions, social activities, weather, meals and more!

Track your sleep, add up to three photos, and include notes in your daily entries with this app. Get an overview of your recent feelings with the calendar view.

DailyBean is perfect for those who want an uncomplicated journaling experience. Get started with a 7-day free trial, then subscribe for just $1.99/month – available on iOS and Android!

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