Create Your Own Alarm with Googles Clock App

With the Google Clock App, you can set alarms using a variety of sound options (including songs and podcasts from Spotify or YouTube Music, as well as voice clips). If you don’t want to use the default alarm tone, you can try different sounds from your music library or even record your own voice clip to set as your alarm tone.

If you’re using the Clock app version 7.3, you can see a new server-side push feature in your notification settings. This lets you initiate a push notification without needing to open the app. This is great for quick notifications, and works with both Android and iOS devices.

If you’re a fan of Google Clock, then you’ll love the new feature that lets you record your own audio to use as an alarm. This is great if you have a unique voice or something interesting to wake up to every day!

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Rahman speculates that Google could eventually roll out the voice clip as an alarm feature to all devices, as long as they have a recorder app. This would give users another way to easily capture and document their day-to-day activities.

waking up to my own recorded voice, announcing something important that I need to get ready for, would be interesting and freakin’ stressful at the same time. it would also be really useful to have on hand during busy mornings when I don’t have time to stop and look at my phone.

This app is definitely one that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. It combines the weirdness of alarm apps with the creepiness of sleep paralysis. Not to mention, it’s just plain weird.

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