Air Taxi Rivals Heading to Mediation: Wisk and Archers Trade Secret Theft Suit

Predictably, given their deteriorating relationship, the two rivals have entered into mediation for a second time. The first attempt at resolving the dispute was not successful, leaving Wisk and Archer Aviation battling in courtrooms and quickly running out of patience on either side.

In light of the ongoing mediation between Wisk and Archer, it is unclear what direction the two companies will go in. However, as both companies remain open to a potential resolution, there is still hope for a settlement.

According to Kapgan, Wisk was willing to continue mediation but wanted a conference or private mediation in order to reduce the chances of another failure. While the companies have failed to reach an agreement through mediations in the past, Kapgan says that Wisk is open to trying again. This shows a willingness on both sides to compromise and move forward towards a resolution.

Even though attorney Josh Krevitt says that Archer is open to resolving the lawsuit, the company may find it difficult to do so given that they have already been found guilty in a court of law. This could lead to further legal proceedings and add significantly more expenses to an already arduous process.

The Judge’s decision to refer the case to a magistrate judge for a settlement conference suggests that he is open to striking an agreement with the two parties. If they are able to successfully mediate their differences, it could save taxpayer money in the long run.

Some lawyers believe that the main reason their clients are settling cases is because of the pain and suffering involved. However, this does not seem to be motivating them to settle as much as it might have in the past. If there are still benefits to resolution for these clients, perhaps someone could help them see that.

Mediation is often chosen over litigation when parties can reach an agreement that both sides can live with. Often, mediation will remain confidential and proceedings will only be released to the public if an agreement is reached. This allows the parties to avoid potentially sensitive information from becoming public through court filings or through the jury trial process. When considering mediation as an option, attorneys recommend speaking with a knowledgeable Mediator to get a better understanding of how this process works.

Archer and Wisk have been locked in a bitter trade secrets lawsuit for nearly two years, with each side trying to gain an edge over the other. Archer, which was founded in 2018, wants to develop an air taxi service as soon as 2024; the company signed a major partnership with United Airlines to kick-start the service, with the first proposed route connecting Newark Liberty International Airport to the Downtown Manhattan Heliport in New York City. Wisk has been developing electric aircraft for nearly fifty years and is well known within the aerospace industry, but Archer is hoping itsyounger age will give it an edge when it comes time to market their air taxi service. The companies are set to square off again in court later this year, where each side will likely present its cases and argue why their technology should beallowed into production first.

With self-driving cars becoming a reality, it’s no surprise that companies are innovating to create autonomous aircraft. Wisk, a company that was spun out of a joint venture between Kitty Hawk and Boeing, is developing a four-seater aircraft that it intends to put forward for certification with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. The company says it plans to have the vehicle in service by 2020; however, there is still plenty of work to be done before this becomes reality.

It is currently unknown who will come out on top in the legal battle between Wisk and Archer – but one thing is for certain, the competition between these two eVTOL titans won’t be ending any time soon.

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