Reaping Benefits of Decentralized Storage: Examining Pros & Cons

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While the U.S. lags behind other developed nations when it comes to startup migration, this appears to be changing as more and more United States startups establishment themselves abroad. A recent poll by the National Foundation for American Policy found that 61 percent of surveyed startup professionals either already work or are looking to work outside of the U.S., with a majority citing higher growth potential and less regulatory burden as reasons for their decision
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Decentralized storage could be a solution for those looking for an alternative to centralized cloud services. However, it seems at odds with other trends in the market, such as sovereign clouds. There are a number of potential advantages and disadvantages to decentralized storage that need to be considered before it can become mainstream.

Slashing cloud bills

Some experts are concerned that the increasingly high cost of cloud computing may be dampening companies’ enthusiasm for using it.In a survey by 451 Research, 67% of respondents said they were “very worried” about the current state of cloud technology costs, up from 58% in 2015. Companies are shelling out an average of $5,646 per employee each year on cloud services, the report found.While acknowledging that price volatility is a widespread

As Amazon’s revenue growth slows down, some analysts are starting to question whether the company can keep up with the competition. This slowdown could even lead to layoffs in Amazon’s engineering and customer service departments, as the company looks for ways to lower its expenses.

While decentralized storage faces headwinds due to the bare metal debate, it could reap rewards by providing a cheaper alternative to hyperscalers.

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