A Breakdown of Gables $16M Pitch Deck: A Sample Series

So, what’s the product? It’s a remote work platform that allows businesses to manage their workforce from anywhere in the world. With Gable’s platform, businesses can optimize workflow and minimize costs while still providing the same level of quality service as if employees were on site. This is a big deal considering that so many businesses are looking for ways to cut back on expenses while still maintaining a high level of customer service.

The good news is that Gable was able to attract some pretty serious investors with their Series A round.Notable names like Index Ventures and Redpoint Ventures participated in theround and it shows just how much interest there is in this new type of workplace technology. It seems like there might be some real potential here, so we’ll have to keep an eye on Gable as they continue developing their platform.”

Gable is a popular workspace management platform that allows employees and employers to find and book nearby workspaces with ease. The company says that it operates in 26 different countries and more than 5,000 employees are using the platform to find the right space for their needs. Whether looking for a quiet corner at the office or something a little more exciting, Gable has got you covered. So whether you’re an employee on the hunt for an affordable spot or an employer looking to save time booking spaces, Gable is definitely worth checking out!

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Some of the interesting topics covered in Gable’s deck include networking, managing time, and staying organized. His strategy to keeping his projects on track includes setting deadlines and breaking them down into manageable steps. He also recommends networking with others in the industry to get feedback and advice.

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In the age of startups, it can be hard to keep an open office or even just have a place to work. Shared workspaces make this easier by allowing businesses to rent out empty spaces on a short-term basis. Gable offers an easy way for startups and small businesses to get started with shared workspace rental. By weaving its story together, Gable makes the process smooth and streamlined, making it easier for companies of all sizes to get started.

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