Houseware Unveils Data-Driven Solution to Increase SaaS Revenue

Data can help startups improve product development, identify hidden market opportunities, and complete work with fewer false steps. This is important as these startups seek out a piece of the booming SaaS market. The projected 19.7% increase over the next six years shows just how important data-driven decisionmaking is for startups in this space.


has emerged from stealth with $2.2 million led by Tanglin Ventures Partners with participation from GTMfund and Better Capital, as well as angel investors from among some of the most iconic, scaled-up SaaS companies around, including execs from Snowflake, Superhuman, Stripe, Zendesk and others. Houseware’s platform ingests data to help startups better understand their customers and prospects. The company sees itself as a kind of customer data intelligence hub that can give startups an edge in innovation and growth.

Saini saw that these data teams were suffering from a disconnect between their goals and the way they measured their progress. For example, revenue teams might demand specific percentages for certain measures, without taking into account how important other factors are. Meanwhile, data teams might be more focused on understanding the big picture rather than accommodating outside demands blindly.

The data team’s traditional role is to model data for specific use cases, which can take weeks depending on the complexity of the data. With complex models, it can be difficult to access necessary information quickly enough to solve problems.

Houseware is a company that helps organizations flip the value of their data warehouse from data and engineering teams to the revenue function inside organizations. Houseware was founded in 2021 by Shubhankar Srivastava and Saini with this simple question in mind. By helping organizations extract value from their data, Houseware has helped them achieve two important goals: increased efficiency and increased profitability.

Houseware is hoping to help businesses use data more efficiently by providing an easy-to-use interface. By connecting SaaS companies with Houseware, businesses can speed up the process of using data to make better decisions.

Houseware allows users to model product pricing on the go and use this information as input for finance teams when considering alterations to prices. This allows for customer success teams to quickly gain insights about potential pricing changes, which can in turn help optimize customer growth.

Many large companies’ revenue teams are still untouched by the paradigm shift in how data can be analyzed and processed at scale. While products like Snowflake have made it easy to work with large volumes of data, most companies have not adopted the same approach. This presents a unique opportunity for startups that can provide better solutions to manage and process this information. In addition, it shows the need for large-scale products that make working with big data more manageable.

Houseware is a SaaS enterprise marketing platform that helps companies track the activation of their employees as a key metric. According to Houseware, its end users are revenue, marketing and sales groups, as well as marketing and finance analysts. This information allows Houseware to create targeted tools and resources for its customers.

Houseware is democratizing access to important tools and services, making them available to a wider audience. It has been onboarding users from public SaaS companies, and the fastest growing edtech and SaaS companies, among others over the last couple of quarters. This indicates that Houseware is providing valuable tools and services that are essential for productivity.

Houseware has put its focus on making the user experience better for those who don’t have technical experience, in an attempt to make it more appealing to a wider audience. Other companies like Clari and are also focusing on making the user experience better for non-technical users, but Houseware may be seen as having an edge in this category due to their previous work with technically proficient users.

The startup is looking to use these technologies to identify customer risks and optimize their experiences with the company.

Snowflake has quickly emerged as a leading player in the field of data management and analytics, with its cloud-based platform making it easy for businesses of all sizes to leverage data insights to make informed decisions. dbt Labs is another influential player in this space, having helped to developSnowflake into what it is today. The partnership will allow the two companies to work together even more closely and expand their reach even further into the market.

This pressure to find growth is likely one of the reasons why revenue executives are so focused on hard-core, disciplined business execution. Many revenue executives regard strong unit economics and profitability as essential signs of success and will not hesitate to make cuts or restructure operations if they believe these goals are not within reach.

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In light of heightened demand for data and metrics, SaaS businesses are increasingly turning to board meetings as a way to gain insight into customer acquisition costs and churn rates. According to Saini Technologies, these discussions have become particularly important as businesses attempt to optimize their marketing strategies in order to maintain high customer engagement rates.

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