Closing of Psychedelic Therapy Centers Dims Industrys Future Prospects

The struggling Synthesis Institute is just one of many psychedelic retreat providers in the United States that have been hit hard by the current cannabis prohibition regime. With no legal way to generate revenue, many providers are struggling to keep afloat. This has especially been true for those operating outside of legalized states, where access to reliable financial backers can be difficult or even impossible. This string of closures and difficulties has left students enrolled in a wide range of psychedelic training courses across the country stranded with few options for continuing their education.

Synthhesis Institute’s focus on integrating clinical and wellness-oriented psychedelic therapies into psychological treatment plans appears to be paying off, as it has seen success in treating depression and anxiety. The expansion of the company to North America is planned for 2021, with the intention of establishing a psilocybin service center and facilitator training program. This investment from investors such as Level Up Ventures will help support further growth in the market.

The project failed because it ran into zoning issues that would have prevented it from opening as a psilocybin service center. This came after a vote in Jackson County that could have prevented companies from establishing such centers in the jurisdiction.

Since the inception of the Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training program, its graduates have had a positive impact on the quality of life of those who have participated in their programs. The program has helped individuals tap into new levels of consciousness and explore how they can best treat their patients.

Since its inception, Synthesis has been a central figure in the psychedelic community. Starting as a small training and retreat organization, it quickly grew into one of the most well respected companies operating in the field. However, after years of struggling to find a profitable footing, the company entered into receivership earlier this year. This has had dire consequences for both employees and customers alike; many have lost their jobs, while others who purchased trainings or goods from Synthesis have seen their money disappear without any return. The commercial psychedelics community may be facing an uncertain future as a result of Synthesis’s collapse

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