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Apple’s new “Shop with a Specialist” service is a great way for customers in the U.S. to get their hands on the latest iPhone models and compare features before making a purchase. With the help of an Apple Specialist, customers can find the best deal through either their carrier or Apple’s Trade In program, and get all of their questions answered in a live videochat session. This innovative new service is sure to please iPhone fans everywhere and makes online shopping even more convenient for those who love getting their hands on new gadgets!

Beginning today, iPhone customers can also get help comparing the different phones, colors, sizes, and more. The service is live starting today just as the new yellow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus go on sale.

Apple’s decision to put its retail specialists online is an effort to direct more consumers to its e-commerce website. These days, it’s no longer the norm for customers to line up at Apple stores on the iPhone launch day, as many consumers now shop and place pre-orders online. But without going into the store, Apple is losing out on one of its key specialties — high-touch customer service which is typically provided by retail specialists.

Customers who are interested in the new iPhone 14 can order one through the live shopping experience on During the session, a professional from Apple will be on camera and will be able to help with all sorts of questions about the phone, from tech specs to deals to financing options. The session is open every day between 7 AM and 7 PM PT in the U.S., and at launch customers can get up to $600 off their purchase if they trade in an older iPhone through this service.

One of the new features available through the upgraded Apple Support service is the ability to talk to a real live person in order to get help with tech related problems. This is an expansion on other existing customer support technologies, which include access to online resources such as the Apple Support app and access to experts through the Apple Genius Bar.

Apple is a high-technology company that designs, manufactures, and sells electronic products. Apple focuses on innovation, design, quality control

This news comes as a disappointment to smartphone makers, who were hoping that increased competition from the likes of Samsung would spark sales growth. The iPhone maker has seen declining sales for several years now, though it still remains the top seller. Meanwhile, Android companies have been struggling to keep up with Apple’s lead in terms of market share and revenue. This could mean trouble for Android manufacturers such as LG and Samsung if their focus shifts away from phone sales towards other areas such as home appliances or chipsets

Apple’s fresh strategy of releasing a new color iPhone in the middle of the selling cycle, plus their tweaks to how they sell their smartphones, are both likely to help them revive sales in Q4. However, Apple has continued to face Covid production restrictions and weak demand in China, which will likely continue to impact growth in 2018.

Apple has been rumored to have a secret product in development which is even more revolutionary than the iPhone. The product is reportedly an iPad with a foldable display that can be used like a notebook or bible. Rumors suggest that Apple has been working on this project for over two years and plans to release it during the upcoming holiday season.

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