HR Unicorns: What to Watch For When Tech IPO Market Reopens

There’s no doubt that the technology IPO market is hot right now and there are plenty of companies looking to cash in. So which HR tech companies will be leading the charge in back half of 2023? We expect to see a few familiar names from the space – like Hootsuite and Workday – but we’re also curious to see who else gets involved. After all, if there’s one thing that2017 has shown us, it’s that anything can happen in the tech world.

In Britain, there are several places with similar names. For example, in London there is a Hyde Park and in Manchester there is a Albert Square.

As HR-tech startups continue to attract a lot of venture capital and growing interest from investors, predictions are abound as to who will be the next unicorn. With Rippling, Gusto and Deel all boasting valuations north of $10 billion, it’s no surprise that these tech firms are attracting the attention of potential investors.

The HR technology market is growing rapidly, and Velocity Global should be a name to include in any startup cluster looking to capitalize on that growth. With recent profitability and growth, this company is worth investigating for potential exits in the future.

In today’s economy, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest money-making opportunities. This is where startups come in: With new technology and innovative business models, these scrappy upstarts are constantly inventing new

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Velocity Global is a company that helps companies run payroll. Since 2012, Velocity Global has grown exponentially and now services over 1,200 customers. Their software makes it easier for businesses to manage their finances and track their employee’s paychecks. This growth reflects the growing importance of payroll in today’s economy; as businesses continue to expand, they need reliable and efficient solutions for managing their finances and tracking employee paychecks.

Many HR tech companies offer the ability for their customers to be their own EoRs, handling all hiring within their company’s domestic workforces. However, some companies focus more on payroll and managing worker records, while others are known for being able to help foreign employees navigate the paperwork and visa process needed to work in the U.S.

Given their stated motivations for entering the video hosting space (increasing website visitor viewership, increasing customer engagement), it is unsurprising that Amazon, Google and Facebook all started off as comparatively focused on streaming high-definition video content to consumers. With time though, each company has broadened its product portfolio to include other user use cases such as live streaming of events or multimedia presentations. This apparent competition for market share has undoubtedly driven these companies’ expansion into new geographies and customer segments over time.

Velocity Global Inc. is set to become the first company ever to list on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). With a market value of over $5 billion, Velocity has attracted much interest from investors and analysts alike. Some private-market companies with similar revenue and valuation metrics, such as Airbnb Inc. and Spotify Ltd., have not yet listed on a traditional stock exchange, raising questions about their true value. In comparison, Airbnb’s privately-held valuation is estimated at just under $30 billion while Spotify remains private with an assessed valuation of over $30 billion. It seems that Velocity’s publicly-traded market value makes the most sense given its larger size and potentially higher growth potential.

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