AI Upskilling Gets a Boost as Workera Secures $23.5M Investment

Workera is an upskilling platform geared toward enterprise customers. The fresh capital will be put toward expanding the product offerings and growing the size of its developer team. This will help Enterprise companies grow their skillsets faster, which in turn would allow them to compete in a more competitive world.

Hiring professionals that have the necessary skills to work with new technologies can be difficult, and often times employers must invest in upskilling their employees. This is especially true when it comes to AI, which is constantly evolving and requires professionals who know how to work with it effectively. With a half-life of skills being the lowest it has ever been, there is a constant need for businesses to overhaul their cultures in order to remain competitive.

Workera is an online platform that connects people who need jobs with those who have the skills to fill them. The platform offers a wide range of courses that teach skills like coding, data entry, and customer service. These courses are taught by experts in the field, and students can take any number of them to increase their skill level. Workera also has a directory of employers who are looking for qualified workers.

One of the main motivators behind Katanforoosh’s work in AI measurement is her personal experiences of growing up in Iran during the 1970s revolution. Her parents were unable to pursue their educational and career dreams because of the political unrest, but that didn’t stop Katanforoosh from dreaming big herself. When she began teaching AI at Stanford, she became motivated to research ways to accurately measure skills using modern technologies and find ways to improve learning outcomes for students. Her work is helping to move AI forward into a more equitable future where everyone has a chance at maximizing their academic potential.

Workera hopes to change the way people learn in the workplace by creating a platform that measures skills and offers personalized learning plans. With this system, companies can track employee progress and create custom upskilling plans specific to their role and goals. This would be an improvement over current methods, where employees often learn on their own time and at their own pace.

Workera, an AI-powered platform that aims to provide gig economy workers with accurate assessments of their skills and tailored training programs, has already made a significant impact by helping workers better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Generative AI (GPT-4) is used to create questions for skill assessments, which are then moderated by human moderators before they are available on the platform. This Summary skill allows users who have just a little bit of proficiency in a skill to get an overview of what they need to improve upon. Workera is all about empowering workers so that they can find the perfect fit for themrtselves in the gig economy and career opportunities that arise from it.

Workera plans to offer its customers an AI-enabled assessment authoring platform which will automate the process of creating new assessments. This AI-enhanced platform will allow businesses to create customised tests and assessments quickly and easily, without the need for manual input. This new technology is expected to make assessment creation more efficient and easier for businesses, while also providing users with more accurate results.

Workerarevolutionizes the way C-suite leaders assess skills by using AI to generate richer skill signals. This process creates a more accurate and up-to-date assessment of what employees are capable of doing, leading to better decision-making and faster progress on projects. By providing more frequent check-ins, leaders can get an even finer level of detail regarding employee skills, making sure they stay in line with current industry trends and changes.

Workera is a company that helps small businesses grow their customer base and recurring revenue. The company has partnerships with Samsung, Siemens Energy, the U.S. Air Force, and Belcorp among others, demonstrating its diverse client base interests.

With a capital round securing in an increasingly difficult environment, Katanforoosh believes that the pandemic and current tech market conditions present an opportunity to increase sales of its precision upskilling solution. Companies are looking to intelligently invest in and support their talent, making this market conditions perfect for Katanforoosh’s business.

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