Ford to Make $5.6B Electric Truck in 2025

In a major announcement, Ford said Friday that its $5.6 billion BlueOval City complex outside of Memphis, Tennessee will include a truck plant capable of producing 500,000 electric vehicles a year. This is huge news for the future of automotive technology and could mark a turning point for the industry as we know it. Not only does this move show that Ford is fully committed to advancing green tech, but it also signifies that the company understands there’s an enormous market potential for electric vehicles. This announcement could help spur growth in the EV industry and make driving cleaner and more environmentally friendly easier than ever

In 2025, Ford will release their next-generation electric truck, code named Project T3. This vehicle will be the company’s answer to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions, and its debut will not only represent a major shift in the way we think about trucks, but also in the way we think about our electric infrastructure.

At BlueOval City, construction on the future EV and battery cell manufacturing facility has just begun. This key component towards the company’s goal to sell 2 million EVs annually by late 2026 is sure to add excitement to the EV market. With a staggering 82 Gigawatts of power storage capacity, this new plant will be able to ensure that there is always an ample supply of cells needed for both electric vehicles and renewable energy projects alike. The city itself believes that this production center will have a profound impact on the way people think about and use cars, making it one of the most important developments in automotive history.

BlueOval is Ford’s ambitious plan to build electric vehicles at a manufacturing plant that works in harmony with the planet. This cutting-edge facility will be built in Sweden, and will be an important step forward for the automaker as it strives to increase sustainability and reduce emissions. By working with BlueOval, Ford can provide customers around the world with advanced and environmentally friendly transportation options.

Ford BlueOval City

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Ford says that the T3 is a “clean sheet design” and will be software-defined. This could mean features such as over-the-air updates, which would make the vehicle more customizable and user friendly.

Ford is banking on its upcoming all-new assembly plant and second-generation EV truck to increase operating efficiencies, though the automaker has struggled in this area in the past. By developing both simultaneously, Ford hopes to streamline production and improve efficiency across the entire manufacturing process.

Ford is committing to using carbon-free electricity from the day it opens its assembly plant in Michigan, thanks to the use of recovered energy from the site’s utility infrastructure and geothermal system. This decision will save about 300 million cubic feet of natural gas typically needed each year to heat similarly sized vehicle assembly plants.

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