“a16z-supported Rewind shifts to crafting conversation-capturing pendant enhanced with artificial intelligence technology”

Limitless Pendant
The company has rebranded to “Limitless,” and is now offering an AI-powered meeting suite and a hardware pendant that can record your conversations. Company co-founder Dan Siroker first posted the idea of a conversation-recording pendant last October and started accepting orders at $59. Siroker posted the final design this week, along with the news of the company’s pivot. It’s a web app, Mac app, Windows app, and a wearable. We plan to reimplement many of our user’s favorite Rewind features directly into Limitless,” Siroker said.

“Proxima Fusion Secures $21M Funding to Expand Groundbreaking ‘Stellarator’ Nuclear Fusion Technology”

Proxima Fusion
Venture capitalists’ appetite for fusion startups has been up and down in the last few years. The road to true fusion power remains long, but the kicker is that it’s no longer theoretical. He added the timeline was to be able to get to fusion energy by the mid-2030s. If we manage to get to that then the middle of the 2030s is possible.”The startup’s investors are equally convinced. And there are at least 43 other companies developing nuclear fusion technologies.

Simplifying Agent Creation with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Agent Builder

Android Ecosystem
AI agents are the new hot craze in generative AI. On Tuesday at Google Cloud Next, the company introduced a new tool to help companies build AI agents. “Vertex AI Agent Builder allows people to very easily and quickly build conversational agents,” Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said. In this case, it’s relying on Google Search (which in reality could or could not be accurate). “We’re now bringing you grounding in Google Search, bringing the power of the world’s knowledge that Google Search offers through our grounding service to models.

“Security Made Simple: Sprinto Secures $20M for Automated Compliance Management”

Sprinto Founders Girish Redekar Raghuveer Kancherla
Sprinto, a security compliance and risk platform, has raised a $20 million Series B round to build more automation into its compliance management platform and widen its customer base to include the wide gamut of companies that operate digitally but aren’t tech-first. Sprinto is working to automate this aspect of security compliance management, which involves vendor risk management, vulnerability assessment, access control, evidence collection and other filing tasks. Sprinto uses a mix of AI, GPTs and its own internal large language model to offer efficiencies in compliance management. The market for automated compliance management solutions already has players such as Vanta and Drata, which Sprinto considers its key competitors. However, Redekar said Sprinto primarily focuses on automating the entire compliance management process and helping businesses build trust.

“Create Your Own Personalized AI Playlists on Spotify with Custom Prompts!”

Ftr Header Ai Playlist 1
Spotify already found success with its popular AI DJ feature, and now the streaming music service is bringing AI to playlist creation. The company on Monday introduced AI playlists into beta, a new option that allows users to generate a playlist based on written prompts. In terms of the technology, Spotify says it’s using large language models (LLMs) to understand the user’s intent. A pop-up menu appears showing the AI Playlist as a new option alongside the existing “Playlist” and “Blend” options. Ahead of AI playlists, Spotify launched a similar feature, Niche Mixes, that allowed users to create personalized playlists using prompts, but the product did not leverage AI technology and was more limited in terms of its language understanding.

Tesla allegedly cancels plan for $25,000 electric vehicle production

Gettyimages 1245135186
Tesla is reportedly abandoning its plan to build a lower-cost EV thought to cost around $25,000, according to Reuters, despite that vehicle’s status as a pivotal product for the company’s overall growth. The company will instead focus its efforts on a planned robotaxi that is being built on the same small EV platform that was also supposed to power the lower-cost vehicle. Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed, without proof, that Reuters is “lying” in a post on his social media platform, X, and did not dispute any specific details. He also responded with an eyes emoji to another post that effectively summed up the Reuters report in different words. Tesla was reportedly targeting a price of around $25,000 for the next-generation EV.

View: Anthropic’s Creative Solution to Illicit Answers from AI

Youtube Thumb Anthropic Tc Min
Such is the case with Anthropic and its latest research which demonstrates an interesting vulnerability in current LLM technology. Of course given progress in open-source AI technology, you can spin up your own LLM locally and just ask it whatever you want, but for more consumer-grade stuff this is an issue worth pondering. But the closer we get to more generalized AI intelligence, the more it should resemble a thinking entity, and not a computer that we can program, right? If so, we might have a harder time nailing down edge cases to the point when that work becomes unfeasible? Anyway, let’s talk about what Anthropic recently shared.

“Sierra AI for Healthcare in Southeast Asia: HD Secures $5.6M for Development”

Hd Team
Thailand’s HD is building chatbots aimed at one such industry: healthcare. The company started as a marketplace for third-party healthcare and surgery services, and sees a strong case for developing conversational AI for the healthcare customer journey. Even though each product has a description on HD’s marketplace HD Mall, Ho says people still prefer to ask first. M Venture Partners, FEBE Ventures, Partech Partners, Ratio Ventures, Orvel Ventures, and TA Ventures also participated in the round. AI for Southeast AsiaHo says HD is working on building the “Sierra AI of the Southeast Asian healthcare industry.”Over five years, Ho and his team saw that the faster HD’s representatives responded to inquiries, the higher the conversion rate.

AI Ethics Worn Down by Persistent Interrogations from Anthropic Scholars

Gettyimages 1424498694
The vulnerability is a new one, resulting from the increased “context window” of the latest generation of LLMs. But in an unexpected extension of this “in-context learning,” as it’s called, the models also get “better” at replying to inappropriate questions. So if you ask it to build a bomb right away, it will refuse. But if you ask it to answer 99 other questions of lesser harmfulness and then ask it to build a bomb… it’s a lot more likely to comply. If the user wants trivia, it seems to gradually activate more latent trivia power as you ask dozens of questions.

“Encouraging Women to Embrace AI: Insights from Kristine Gloria of the Aspen Institute on Embracing Curiosity in the Field”

Women In Ai Gloria
We’ll publish several pieces throughout the year as the AI boom continues, highlighting key work that often goes unrecognized. Kristine Gloria leads the Aspen Institute’s Emergent and Intelligent Technologies Initiative — the Aspen Institute being the Washington, D.C.-headquartered think tank focused on values-based leadership and policy expertise. What are some issues AI users should be aware of? What is the best way to responsibly build AI? How can investors better push for responsible AIOne specific task, which I admire Mozilla Ventures for requiring in its diligence, is an AI model card.