“a16z-supported Rewind shifts to crafting conversation-capturing pendant enhanced with artificial intelligence technology”

The company has rebranded to “Limitless,” and is now offering an AI-powered meeting suite and a hardware pendant that can record your conversations. Company co-founder Dan Siroker first posted the idea of a conversation-recording pendant last October and started accepting orders at $59. Siroker posted the final design this week, along with the news of the company’s pivot. It’s a web app, Mac app, Windows app, and a wearable. We plan to reimplement many of our user’s favorite Rewind features directly into Limitless,” Siroker said.

Introducing Limitless: The Revolutionary AI-Powered Personal Data Service

In 2022, a promising startup called Rewind secured a $10 million investment from a16z to build a unique personal data recording service. Their concept was to provide users with a private record of their activity, allowing them to search through their own history at any time. However, their plans changed when OpenAI launched ChatGPT, setting in motion a new era in the use of generative AI.

With the advancement of AI technology, Rewind’s original concept of a searchable activity record became even more valuable and useful. As a result, the company has rebranded as “Limitless” and pivoted to incorporate AI on a deeper level into their products. In addition to their existing personal data recording service, they now offer an AI-powered meeting suite and a cutting-edge hardware pendant that can record conversations.

According to Limitless co-founder Dan Siroker, the idea for the conversation-recording pendant first emerged in October of last year. And now, after finalizing the design, the company is expected to ship the product in Q4 2024. Initially priced at $59, Siroker recently shared the final design on social media and announced that they have already received over 10,000 preorders for the product.

Product Features and the Pivot

The Limitless pendant is designed to be attached to your shirt like a wireless mic, or it can be worn as a necklace with a string. Its primary use is to record and transcribe meetings, eliminating the need for note-taking. The company claims that the device is weather-proof, has a battery life of up to 100 hours, and can be easily charged using a USB-C port.

The hardware also includes a “consent mode” that will not record the other person in the conversation unless they give explicit permission. It is unclear whether this mode will be activated by default.

Although the hardware product is still a few months away from shipping, Limitless has already released a web, Mac, and Windows app for recording meetings. The app uses system audio and a microphone to capture audio, eliminating the need for a bot to join the meeting.

The app boasts features similar to those of other meeting tools, such as Otter, Zoom, TimeOS, and TLDV. According to Siroker, Limitless aims to differentiate itself with real-time automated notes and automatically generated meeting briefs based on the participants and information from past meetings.

The app is free to use and includes unlimited audio storage, as well as 10 hours per month of AI features such as transcription, summaries, and notes. For unlimited AI features, the cost is $29 per month or $19 per month when paid annually.

Siroker also highlighted the company’s newest product, a confidential cloud that stores data in an encrypted format, as a major differentiator. While Rewind was primarily a local product, the new cloud allows users to access their data from anywhere. He also mentioned that Leviathan Security Group has performed a third-party audit to measure the security of their solution.

The Road Ahead

According to their website, Limitless has raised over $33 million in funding from notable investors, including a16z, First Round Capital, and NEA. The company stated that they have not used any of the money from their unusual Series A round last year (where they announced their search for investors through a video on X), and they do not plan to seek new investments at this time.

While the company will continue to support Rewind, they will not be adding any new features to the product. This means that the promised Windows app will not be released.

Siroker emphasized that Limitless has no plans to shut down or merge with Rewind, and they intend to incorporate many of Rewind’s popular features directly into Limitless. He also stated that users can use both products simultaneously and decide which one they prefer, but he hopes that over time, they will see the benefits of Limitless and use it exclusively.

Limitless Vision

Limitless’s ultimate goal is to develop AI agents that can perform tasks on behalf of users. This trend of startups working with AI is not uncommon, with companies like Humane and Rabbit creating devices with powerful AI tools to handle tasks for their users. Web browsers such as Arc from The Browser Company and Sigma OS from YC are also incorporating AI-powered agents to browse the web on behalf of users.

However, there are still many unknowns, as AI-generated outputs can contain errors, and it can be challenging to make AI understand the context and intentions behind a query. While the idea of AI-powered agents handling tasks for us may seem like a dream, it may still be some time before we see it become a reality.

Introducing Limitless: A Personalized AI Powered by Your Data

Check out the video below to learn more about Limitless, including its features, the reason for the pivot, and a demo of the product.

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  • Why Limitless? Learn about the motivations behind the pivot to AI integration.
  • Product Demo: See Limitless in action and discover its unique features.
  • Pendant: Learn how to use the pendant to record conversations and transcribe meetings.
  • Privacy: Find out how Limitless ensures the protection of your data.
  • Confidential Cloud: Discover the innovative new cloud feature that gives you access to your data from anywhere.
  • Rewind: Learn about the original product and its connection to Limitless.
  • Roadmap: Get an inside look at Limitless’s plans for the future.
  • Vision: Discover the ultimate goal of Limitless and the role of AI in their vision.

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“Confidential Cloud might sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t. It is private by design. Unlike traditional cloud storage, only you have the power to decrypt your data. Your employer, third-party software providers, and even the government cannot access your data without your permission.” – Dan Siroker

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