Woolly Unveils Mastodon App Inspired by Twitter & TweetDeck

Woolly is a great Mastodon client for those who want a more customizable home screen and threaded views for reading longer conversations. It’s also similar to TweetDeck in layout, letting users easily see what’s happening on the network and responding to messages quickly.

Woolly is a unique app that offers users the ability to customize their home screen in a way that no other app does. By pinning things like lists, bookmarks, hashtags, and search results directly to the main tab bar, Woolly makes it easy for users to find and access their favorite content quickly and easily.

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Some iOS users may find the default ‘column’ view of their Twitter app cumbersome, so they can switch to a more user-friendly TweetDeck-like layout by tapping on the icon in the top right corner.

Though many users may be disappointed to see TweetDeck gone, others might find that they’re more excited about the potential of a new, interesting social media platform. With minimal interference from Twitter, this new platform could be especially useful for those looking to focus on their posts and personal brand, rather than on the often-chaos of Twitter’s public timeline.

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Woolly’s new app is especially helpful for long conversations, including those on controversial topics. The threaded conversation feature helps keep replies scrollable as you read, while the look and feel of Twitter inspired it. Woolly also boasts excellent support for images and videos, making it a great platform for sharing creative content.

Although the two social networks may look similar at first glance, there are some key differences that set them apart. For one, Mastodon has a much more fluid user interface than Twitter does. Instead of having strict separation between different sections of the platform, users can move freely between posts and messages. Additionally, Mastodon’s icons and colors are designed to be more eye-catching and pleasing to the senses, which seems to be a major trend in social media these days. Overall, although Woolly and Twitter share some similarities, they ultimately provide different experiences that are worth exploring for each individual user.

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The app’s Settings let you customize how Woolly works, with convenient options to open links in-app or in the system browser, select between light and dark mode themes, toggle sensitive media or posts Hide with content warnings and access trending posts, links and hashtags. Overall, Woolly is a well-designed app that provides many helpful features for users.

Although Woolly is not as feature-rich as some other Mastodon apps, it seems to be a polished and stable app that has the potential to make former Twitter users feel more comfortable when making the switch to Mastodon. Additionally, Woolly comes with the added bonus of being able to create custom timeline filters, which makes it easier for users to find messages that interest them.

Many of the original Twitter users have been migrating to other social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, in order to connect with people in a more personalized way. Federated social webs like these allow users to connect with several different friends and followers in one place, rather than just the public tweets of one user.

The increasing popularity of Mastodon among social media users has caused the company to grow larger than Twitter, even after some more recent Twitter users have departed. The wider Fediverse of decentralized social apps has grown to 2.3 million monthly actives, and Mastodon has seen an uptick as services like Flipboard and Medium began setting up their own servers for their own customers to use. These moves could potentially grow the number of active users on the Fediverse in the long run.

Founded in early 2016, Woolly is a social media app designed specifically for Mastodon. It’s built on the strength of federated social media and lets you easily create threaded conversations between friends and followers. With its simple design, Woolly makes it easy to get started posting to your favorite social media platform without having to learn too much about new technologies or platform features.

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