Oscilar Unveils AI Solution to Combat Transactions Fraud

Fintech startup Oscilar is hoping to help financial institutions protect online transactions from fraud and theft with its AI-driven platform. The company is currently in development, and expects to launch soon.

The self-funded startup Oscilar is set to make waves in the Indian online education space with its innovative online courses and immersive learning experiences. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Oscilar is designed to provide an interactive and engaging educational experience for students of all ages.

Narkhede and Sachin were two frustrated engineers who knew there was a better way to do risk management. They founded their own company, Shadow Valley Technology, to design and develop the best risk decisioning software available. Their innovative technology isrevolutionizing the way companies manage risk, making it easier for them to make smart decisions about their finances.

Kulkami and Narkhede’s experience and skills complement each other, allowing Oscilar to build the most advanced data-focused platform in the marketplace. Their understanding of complex engineering challenges is brought to bear on building a scalable platform that allows businesses to capture, analyze, store and use data efficiently.

The authors lament the dramatic increase in online transaction fraud risk and attribute it to factors such as the soaring popularity of online shopping, continued growth in e-commerce and globalization. They suggest that companies need to take extra precautions when conducting transactions over the internet in order to minimize potential losses.

Digital payment fraud is on the rise, and with it comes increased risk for consumers. While more people are using digital payments, this technology also increases the likelihood of being a victim of fraud. By 2025, Juniper Research expects online payment fraud losses to eclipse $200 billion.

It is clear that there is a need for platforms that can protect payments from risk, and Oscilar seems to be positioning itself as one such platform. However, given the scale of the payment problem and the current state of the market for such platforms, it will likely be some time before Oscilar becomes widely used. In the meantime, players like Nivelo and Sardine may continue to lead the way in this space.

Narkhede contends that many of the platforms out there don’t cut it when it comes to providing users with a truly immersive experience. He points to various shortcomings, including a lack of support for augmented reality and spatial audio, as well as dull visuals. Narkhede believes that these

Many companies have not put as much focus on fraud prevention as they should have in the past, according to Narkhede. This is because current technologies rely on incomplete and outdated information about user behavior which can lead to many fraud cases happening undetected. Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to steal people’s money, so it is important that companies take preventative measures to keep their customers safe.

This particular AI is said to require less data from customers in order to train models- — an advantage presumably conferred by the platform’s heavy reliance on AI and machine learning. This, in turn, would presumably make Oscilar one of the most advanced fraud prevention platforms available.

Narkhede’s automated risk management system continuously updates its models to automatically detect and prevent potential threats. By integrating aggregated anonymous risk signals from across their network of customers, Narkhede is able to build sophisticated machine learning models that can identify and prevent malicious activity before it affects their customers.

Oscilar’s risk operations toolkit can help organizations create new risk models, test them, and deploy them without having to write code. This frees up these teams from depending on engineers for intervention and technical support.

Additionally, Oscilar uses customer data to tweak the model as needed, in order to ensure a good overall performance. This helps ensure that the system does not introduce any biases, and that the predictions made by the model are accurate. Having people in charge of this process means that Oscilar can ensure both accuracy and consistency across predictions.

Oscar seems to face competition from similar fraud defense companies, as well as from banks themselves. If Oscar cannot find a way to raise additional funding and keep up with the competition, it may have difficulty reaching its goals.

Narkhede’s statement implies that Oscilar is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing trend of consumers turning to fintech for their financial needs. This could be a positive sign for the company as it signals that it is catering to an increasingly niche market. Additionally, Narkhede reports that Oscilar has already begun working with “dozens” of fintech customers, which suggests that the company is gaining momentum and attracting favorable attention from investors and consumers alike.

Oscilar is designed to make it easy for businesses and organizations to collect, manage and analyze their massive volumes of data. By creating a platform that users can trust, Oscilar is poised to become a key tool in the ever-growing data management arsenal.

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