Tough Tesla Home Charger: Elon Musk Unveils a Big Bold Accessory

Tesla’s latest home charging station may be futuristic, but it is nothing compared to the company’s other innovative gadgets. Earlier this year, Tesla introduced its new Model 3 sedan which has a sleek design that rivals those of luxury carmakers like PORSCHE. The Model 3 also comes with a host of other advanced technological features, like semi-autonomous driving and an impressive 150-mile range. Aside from its cutting-edge technology, the Model 3’s affordability

The Tesla Cybervault seems like a badass piece of hardware. It’s tailor-made for the Chinese market, and it looks like it could hold its own against any other truck on the market. It’s got that unique Tesla vibe going on, with all of its slick technology and tough appearance.

The Tesla charging system seems like a clever idea, with the protective shell being one of the standout features. It could easily stand up to a lot of punishment, even if it did eventually wear down over time. The cable that detaches from the box could also be beneficial, as it would make using the charging system more convenient on-the-go. However, it’s unlikely that many people will want or need to use such a feature when there are already dozens of available charging spots available in most places.

Tesla has released a new 220V charging device for their vehicles, the Cybervault. The charger is said to be compatible with all Tesla models, and the corresponding charging performance is rated at 32A/7KW. The Cybervault weighs 13 kilograms (around 28.5 lbs) and its cable is six meters long, according to the site.

This device is billed as a high-end charging station, offering plug-and-play charging and other convenience features. It is priced at an equivalent of around $800 USD, making it one of the more expensive options on the market.

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