Damaging Costs: How Skyrocketing Expenses are Crushing the Mobile Gaming Industry

Have we reached peak video games?

Mobile gaming has come a long way from simple games played ondevices like smartphones and tablets. Today, there are dozens of different subscription models, IPs (intellectual property), operating costs and ways to access games that make it difficult for many newcomers to get into theindustry without spending a lot of money upfront. For those who can afford it, though, mobile gaming can be an incredibly fun and challenging experience that can provide hours of enjoyment.

One obstacle that Horrigan sees indie developers face is being lumped into one category with mega-publishers. “There’s a perception out there that all indie games are the same,” he said. “But those games in App Store Arcade, they’re really high quality and they stand out. They show people that there are different ways to do things, and you don’t have to be this mass-produced game where everything looks the same.”

Developers attempting to get their games into the public’s eye are often up against a wall. Either developing for established platforms with already large user bases, or trying to break into new territory where there may be less opportunity for success. This is problematic for both developers and gamers, as there is not a lot of room between these two groups – which can leave newer developers feeling left out and unsupported.

It is very difficult for new game developers to compete with the established companies. This is because it has been a long time since new developers have had an opportunity to succeed. This might be because of the size of the industry or because there are so many different companies that it can be difficult for a newcomer to stand out.

The moat that prevents newcomers from making significant inroads into the software development field is not just financial, but also cultural. New developers face steep costs, both personal and professional, that make it difficult to break into the industry. These costs include a lack of experience and training, a shortage of mentors, and high barrier to entry for freelance work. Additionally, many new developers feel dismissed by their peers or outmatched in their abilities. This divide creates an environment where new graduates are reluctant to take risks or challenge themselves – fears that can delay potential innovations for years.

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