Exploring New Horizons: A Conversation with Sarah Peterson of The Nudge

It can be tough to stand out in a crowded startup landscape, but that hasn’t stopped Rachael Shuman from trying.

The 27-year-old started her own company, Zeno Salon and Spa, four years ago after noticing a need for a high-

City weekend tips startup The Nudge has always focused on promoting social interaction while minimizing environmental impact. One example of this is the company’s weekly suggestion text message service, which encourages its users to explore popular locations and meet new people by engaging in fun activities.

Sarah Peterson believes that this type of promotion is important for inspiring lasting social connections because it engages people in doing something outside of their everyday routine. Consequently, The Nudge may have a harder time competing with established companies that charge higher prices for similar services but provide less tangible value to their customers. Additionally, there are potentially months-long hurdles that Sarah Peterson anticipates the startup will face as it starts scaling its business; such as developing better marketing strategies, finding sustainable ways to promote activity participation, and building dedicated local partnerships

When I founded Found, I was inspired by my own entrepreneurial journey. Growing up, my parents always stressed the importance ofhard work and perseverance. This mentality rubbed off on me and served as the foundation formy startup.

Since its launch in 2014, Found

Found is a Podcasting platform with a lot to offer podcasters. It’s easy to use and provides great features like automatic episode numbering and player compatibility with most podcast players. With the Webby nomination coming along, Found has an excellent opportunity to gain more listeners and contribute to the podcasting community as a whole.

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