Unlock Unlimited Reading with Kobo Plus Now Available in the U.S.

Kobo is hoping that the Kobo Plus subscription plan will help it compete with companies like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The plan offers users access to 1.3 million books from Kobo’s library, which is more than what either of its competitors offer.

Netflix plans to offer a monthly subscription plan that costs $10 per month, rivaling Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited plan. The new subscription will give subscribers access to a reduced catalog of movies and TV shows.

If you want to read books but don’t have enough time, Kobo Plus Read is a great option. This plan lets you read unlimited books through the app. If audiobooks are more your thing, Kobo Plus Listen has over 100,000 titles to choose from. Either way, you’ll be able to find the perfect book or audio experience for yourself.

Taking the plunge into audiobooks can be a great way to enjoy your reading experience without having to worry about smartphone notifications or other interruptions. By subscribing to Kobo Audio, you can access titles across your devices and the Kobo app, ensuring that you never miss a moment of your favorite books.

For people who don’t want to be connected to the internet, or for people who want a physical book that they can read offline, Blinkist offers a great solution. They have apps for iOS, Android, and even desktop computers that allow users to access their books without having to be online. This allows people to focus on their reading without interruption or distraction.

Region availability for the U.S. update is seen as a significant perk for those in countries where the Kobo Plus ereader is already available. The addition of Kobo Plus allows readers to better access and share books with others on different platforms, extending the reach of even more content.

The Kobo Elipsa 2E is a new e-reader that was launched by Rauketen. The device has a 10.3-inch glare-free e-Ink touchscreen and a $399.99 price tag. The device has “weeks” long battery life, 32GB internal storage, and support for audiobooks through Bluetooth-powered earphones.

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