JB Straubel: From CTO to Tesla Board Member?

Tesla’s nomination of Straubel suggests that the company is looking for leadership outside of its current executive team. Straubel has experience in engineering, design, and manufacturing and could be a valuable asset to Tesla as it continues to grow.

Given Straubel’s previous experience with pensions, it is likely that he will focus on investing in strategies to improve the long-term financial stability of these important institutions. This could benefit both retirees and pension funds themselves, as well as the broader economy.

In February of 2019, Tesla announced that Straubel was leaving the company. In a statement, Tesla said that Straubel would be “taking a break” and returning to his role as a advisor. While most people viewed Straubel as the silent engineering genius behind Tesla’s electric car revolution, his departure comes at an uncertain time for the company. With Elon Musk facing controversial lawsuits and SEC investigations, it will be interesting to see how Tesla replaces its CTO who helped shape one of history’s most important technological advances.

Straubel has been credited with leading the construction and concept of Gigafactory Nevada and the production ramp of its Model 3 sedan, which has made him a key player inTesla’s ongoing success.

Straubel’s career at Tesla has been nothing short of impressive. He started working at the company as a technician in 2003, and quickly moved up the ranks, becoming vice president of engineering in 2009 and then chief technology officer (CTO) in 2015. Straubel left Tesla in 2019 to take on a new role as advisor to CEO Drew Baglino, but he will continue to be involved with the company in some capacity.

Straubel’s experience in the automotive industry gave him a strong foundation when he started Redwood Materials. His skills were put to use immediately, as the company quickly secured corporate and venture capital funding. Straubel’s strategies for scaling Redwood Materials paid off, as the company locked in several high-profile customer deals with companies like Panasonic and Amazon. While Automotive 1 went through significant turmoil during Straubel’s tenure, Redwood Materials has thrived thanks to Straubel’s focus on building a strong customer base and striking Deals of substance.

It’s not clear what Elon Musk has in mind for Tesla’s shareholder meeting on May 16, but one possible topic is a proposal to allow shareholders to nominate directors. This would be the first time that voters could directly influence who runs the company

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