New Breakthrough Brings X-Ray Vision Closer to Reality with OXOS Medical

OXOS Medical is looking to solve the problem of a diminishing number of radiographers by creating a “radiology department in a box” that can be installed at any location. This would allow for the radiology department to function as its own unit, with all the necessary equipment and personnel. The investment from OXOS Medical will be used to develop and deploy this technology, which is expected to enter the market in 2020.

OXOS is positioning itself to be a major player in the X-ray imaging space by creating affordable and accessible technology that can be used by a wide range of medical professionals. Their solutions are based on cutting-edge technology, and they are looking to partner with health institutions around the world to help ensure that everyone has access to quality X-ray images.

OXOS Medical is a company that creates cutting-edge medical devices to help diagnose and treat diseases. This $23 million Series A funding will be used to help scale up the company and push on with its technological advantages. Parkway Venture Capital and Intel Capital are two of the largest investment firms in the world, so this funding shows just how much faith they have in OXOS’s potential.

OXOS is a medical imaging company that has been working to unlock new opportunities through the fundraising campaign, “Set OXOS up for Scale.” With this money, the company will be able to undertake a number of cost-effective measures, as well as develop new products and research initiatives. This will help make radiography solutions available to anyone, anywhere.

OXOS is pleased to announce that it has achieved FDA clearance for the manufacture of devices for non-medical applications. This clearance allows Oxos to continue supplying devices in those traditional markets, while expanding into new sectors with its novel technology.

OXOS technology could lead to a shift in the way radiography is performed, making it more accessible and affordable for care providers across a wider range of scenarios. With its 80% less radiation than existing devices, OXOS’s smart and safe technology could provide orthopedic and radiographic professionals with the flexibility they need to expand access to emerging care areas.

OXOS is a relatively new player in the imaging market, but they are promising big things with their devices. They claim to be the only company on the market that can provide static images and live imaging in any setting, both for diagnostic and surgical radiography. Their low radiation profiles and small form factor make them very accessible, as doctors can view them from practically anywhere in the world using their OXOS Cloud Platform. Whether or not this claim holds up remains to be seen, but it’s definitely an ambitious goal for a new player to have.

OXOS has a long-term future focused on expanding into new sectors and scaling its operations. The company plans to boost its volume and push into new markets in order to become one of the leading players in the industry. It also sees potential in developing artificial intelligence technologies, which could bolster its competitive edge.

“OXOS technology provides a safe, point-and-click, end-to-end solution for every one of those use cases,” says Ruff. “As our volumes increase and the number of deployed OXOS devices increases, the OXOS platform will be a huge resource for researchers and diagnostic innovators to build on, automating radiographic diagnostics and making healthcare cheaper.” This could lead to significant improvements in quality of care as well as reducing costs.

OXOS is on a mission to become an independent and public company, and they are executing on their goals by growing their business. Their products are quality inspected and certified, so they can provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Oxos also has a commitment to sustainability, which helps them maintain a low environmental impact.

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