RetailReady, a Y Combinator alumnus, secures $3.3 million in funding for its innovative AI-based warehouse application, revolutionizing the potential of reducing costs for businesses.

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Co-founders Elle Smyth and Sarah Hamer came up with the idea while working together at supply chain unicorn startup, Stord. “We met each other and bonded over our love for the supply chain industry,” Smyth told TechCrunch. Warehouse workers have to reference “phone book-sized” manuals of how to ship items to retailers, like Target and Walmart. If shipping/warehouse workers don’t pack these items correctly, retailers will charge the brands fees, known as a chargeback. RetailReady replaces those manuals with a digital version that gives workers a directed workflow on how to pack an order correctly.

VisionOS 2 Unveiled by Apple

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Today at its annual WorldWide Developer Conference in Cupertino, Apple announced updates to VisionOS, the operating system running on the Vision Pro. The upgraded VisionOS — VisionOS 2 — brings with it productivity enhancements and “new immersive experiences.” One lets you “spatialize” photos from regular photos, leveraging AI tech. Another is a new navigation option: VisionOS 2 lets you switch to the home screen by just tapping, or flip your hand over to bring up the control center with notifications, shortcuts and more.

to the moon Journey to the Moon: A Humanoid Robot Embarked by Mobileye’s Founder

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Mentee Robotics hasn’t been in stealth, exactly. The Israeli firm caught a small wave of press at the tail end of 2022, following Tesla’s initial humanoid robotics announcement. Even so, the firm caught some headlines because its co-founder and chair, Amnon Shashua, founded Mobileye and the well-funded AI firm, AI21 Labs. On Wednesday, however, the company offered up a glimpse of Menteebot, its own stab at the rapidly growing humanoid category. In fact, this is one of those spots where the precise definition of what constitutes a humanoid system gets blurred.

Analyzing the Current State of Apple Vision Pro as the Initial Buzz Subsides: A TechCrunch Minute

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A few months after its launch, how is Apple’s Vision Pro faring? I am a long-term bull on augmented reality, virtual reality, and face-computers in general. So it is to my partial chagrin that the hype around the Apple Vision Pro has faded more rapidly than I anticipated. But I anticipated the Apple brand to keep the hardware in the news — and atop our collective minds — longer than it managed after its launch. I find it archaic that my monitors are akin to digital chalkboards when they should be built into my glasses.

The $699 Ai Pin from Humane: Now in Stock!

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Humane today announced the availability of its first product, the Ai Pin. Ai Pin is the first of what Humane hopes will be a long line of devices aimed at harness the power and popularity of generative AI platforms such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini. Humane’s vision for the $699 device is one in which a new technology can free itself of its predecessors’ limitations. It really started a conversation about the incredible tool we built, but also some of the side effects.”The Ai Pin is the first of what will almost certainly be a long line of products riding the generative AI boon. Humane’s $699 entry point gets you the Ai Pin, an extra battery and an AI charging case.

“Expanding into America: Robovision, the Belgian Startup Revolutionizing Computer Vision to Combat Labor Shortages”

Plant Sorting Machine By Iso Group Powered By Robovision
Out of its base in Belgium, Robovision already serves customers in 45 countries, CEO Thomas Van den Driessche told TechCrunch in an interview. The initial traction Robovision gained was in agtech, which represents 50% of its activities, Van den Driessche said. But other verticals are growing faster for Robovision, Van den Driessche said. According to Van den Driessche, Robovision is seeing strong traction in life sciences and tech. Van den Driessche became Robovision’s CEO in 2022, and Berte moved his focus to fundraising, partnerships and global expansion.

“Collaboration Made Easy: Unlocking Teamwork with Apple Vision Pro’s Persona Function”

Collaborate With Freeform And Spatial Persona.2024 04 02 12 54 44
A subsequent update has made them more palatable and truer to life, and Apple says it’s continuing to work on the 3D captures. The company on Tuesday debuted “spatial” Personas for Vision Pro headsets running visionOS 1.1 or later. From there, users can select the spatial persona option, which utilizes the Vision Pro’s on-board sensors to place the Persona in the room with them. Spatial audio, meanwhile, further places them at a specific point in space relative to the Vision Pro user. Vision Pro users will continue doing business in the uncanny valley for the foreseeable future.

Farm Equipment Transforms into Data-Collecting AI with Revolutionary Orchard Vision System

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We’ve seen systems that pick apples and berries, kill weeds, plant trees, transport produce and more. A huge piece of any of these products’ value prop is the amount of actionable information their on-board sensors collect. In a sense, Orchard Robotics’ system is cutting out the middle man. The system cameras can capture up to 100 images a second, recording information about every tree its passes. Then the Orchard OS software utilizes AI to build maps with the data collected.

Mentoring Tomorrow’s Founders: Rediscovering a Traditional American Dream Through Discipulus Ventures

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Scores of accelerator programs run every year with the aim of identifying and cultivating founders in the earliest stages of building a company. Only a fraction seek out founders who are explicitly aligned with some set of values — let alone classically conservative values like family, patriotism and faith. Discipulus Ventures, which kicked off its first 10-person cohort yesterday, is a singular exception. “You can’t say what matters, you can’t say what you think is true, and that’s obviously not going to be good if you want to solve these problems,” he said. The city’s reputation has grown in recent months as a breeding ground for a new type of hard tech founder, one very much like the type Discipulus is trying to attract.

Can Aethero Become the Intel or Nvidia of the Space Industry?

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Satellite sensors collect an incredible amount of raw data, but on-orbit compute limitations mean that operators have little way to process this data in space. The startup is developing radiation-hardened edge computers for on-orbit data processing and eventually even autonomous decision-making. The startup’s first generation space computer is called the AetherNxN, which is based around an Nvidia Orin processor. Aethero is planning to release a larger, second-generation module for bigger spacecraft before transitioning to a proprietary space processor. “We see ourselves as becoming the Intel or Nvidia of the space industry,” he said.