T-Mobile Unveils Up to 10 Years of Free MLB.TV Subscriptions

Since T-Mobile has been partnered with MLB for the past eight years, its customers have enjoyed access to free MLB.TV subscriptions. The extended partnership will continue through 2028, and T-Mobile notes that it now offers fans access to their favorite team’s affiliates’ games in the MLB app. This extended partnership shows that MLB is committed to providing its fans with quality content and services.

MLB is partnering with T-Mobile to deliver an experience that is not only better, but also more interactive for their fans. Not only will T-Mobile be providing the world’s fastest 5G network, but they are also enhancing the game on and off of the field with new features such as free MLB.TV. This alliance will give fans across America more ways to enjoy their favorite sport and also build good relations between MLB and T-Mobile.

Since the MLB.TV free trial period ended on April 4th, T-Mobile has seen an increase in customers redeeming their free subscription. This trend is likely related to the fact that more people are paying attention to baseball than ever before, and are looking for a way to follow their favorite teams without breaking the bank.

T-Mobile has been in the spotlight for their aggressive expansion into 5G technology, and their latest announcement shows how they plan on using this technology to improve the game of baseball. The carrier is working with Major League Baseball to test an automated ball-strike system (ABS) powered by T-Mobile’s private 5G network. This system will help prevent signal interference via devices and the ABS application, providing managers and players with real-time data on how they are performing.

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