AI Unleashed: An Update on Thought Work & More TG+ News

This week, ISIS threatened to carry out a new wave of attacks against the United States. The National security advisor, HR McMaster, has said that the Trump administration is “taking all necessary measures” to prevent another attack.

As the machines grow increasingly intelligent, we must be careful not to place too much trust in their judgement. As ChatGPT demonstrates, they are not content to just replicate and deliver information – they want to create their own as well. While this may seem like a positive development, it comes with its own set of potential dangers. If the AI race is to continue ascending towards parity with human intelligence, we will need to be sure that our stewardship of these technologies is adequate and responsible – lest we dooming ourselves and our future generations to a fate worse than servitude.

For those in the Boston area, the Early Stage conference on April 20 is a great opportunity to hear from top entrepreneurs and investors about their latest projects. The Founder and Investor passes give you access to keynotes, mentorship sessions, and more.

Drew hated the feeling of being stuck in one place. He liked to be able to move and explore, so he was always looking for new activities

Pixel perfect graphics are all well and good, but sometimes you just want to get up and start animating. That’s

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