Disrupt 2023 Unveils Grand Security Premiere

How can we expect any of us to have a smooth sailing internet experience when one wrong move could mean missile launch codes falling into the wrong hands, or data breaches that compromise the personal information of millions? Furthermore, what happens when these unstoppable cyberattacks are conducted by nation-states instead of amateurs? If we don’t figure out a way to tamp down on these increases in cyberattacks, then our current internet may not last too much longer.

At Disrupt 2023, TechGround is taking on some of the biggest security and privacy problems head-on. With the sharpest minds and pros in the industry, there is a lot to talk about.

At TechGround Disrupt 2023, we’re excited to unveil our inaugural Security Stage. This one-stop shop for all things security and privacy will draw on firsthand reporting from our security desk. We’ll explore the most pressing and important issues facing tech giants, startups and billions of citizens around the world with the people who know the challenges best.

How can the world protect user data without establishing strict U.S. data laws at home? Early companies could start by taking steps to encrypt user data and placing limitations on who has access to it. This would help protect the information from overreaching surveillance, but it would also require users to trust the security of their phones. If governments want to keep cyberspace safe while still protecting our information, they will need to compromise neither its values nor human rights. However, web3 may be the future financial powerhouse if we can fix some of the problems from yesteryear. So just how on fire are we when it comes to technology?

This event will focus on the growing threats to cyber security and the businesses that are struggling to keep up. Founders and frontline defenders will discuss how their companies are fighting back against cyberattacks, while lawmakers and security experts provide insights on how the government is responding. This event is essential for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly-changing field.

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