Cerbos Streamlines Cloud Access Control with Open Source Software

Cerbos is a user-permission software platform that is aimed at making it easier for companies to manage access to their data. The company today announced a new managed cloud service and a fresh $7.5 million in seed funding, which will be used to expand the platform into new markets and grow its user base.

Ceros provides developers with access management features, which helps keep users safe and compliant. By using different identity providers (Okta / Auth0 or WorkOS), Cerbos can integrate with any software the developer wishes. Developers can also create custom integrations to meet the unique needs of their organization without spending time developing a bespoke access control system.


Cerbos is a new company that seeks to automate the process of authorizing users within a system. By doing so, developers will no longer have to write authorization code each time they want to access data, making the process more efficient and faster. In addition, Cerbos claim that their product can be used in a variety of different systems, meaning it has potential appeal for both small businesses and large organizations alike.

Cerbos allows for a smooth transition as companies move away from monolithic applications to microservices. This includes the reduction of authorization process, which is important because many companies are transitioning to this model. Microservice architectures allow for autonomous and loosely coupled modules which makes it difficult to control permissions, but Cerbos manages access easily by isolating codebases and controlling access through policies. This keeps application security up while allowing corporations to scale with ease.

Cerbos Cloud is the latest addition to the Cerbos product line and allows for centralized control over company authorization policies and logs. This will make it easier for less-technical users to adjust policies without having to understand code, while developers themselves won’t need to maintain their own CI/CD pipelines.

There are a few ways to save developers time. One way is to create interesting product features that can differentiate your software from the competition. Another way is to simplify and standardize your development process so that it’s more efficient for all team members. Ultimately, it all boils down to saving developers time so they can work on more differentiated product features.

Cerbos Cloud is a cloud-based platform that enables rapid policy development and distribution for fleets. Cerbos co-founder and CEO Emre Baran explained that the platform benefits organizations by streamlining policy development and distribution processes without requiring significant investment in software development or CI/CD pipelines. This makes it an attractive option for companies who want to rapidly iterate on policies without spending time or effort onbuilding infrastructure.(…) Cerbos Cloud distributes optimized policy bundles to your fleet with low-latency andhigh-visibility, making it an ideal solution for rapidly evolving regulations.

Cerbos Cloud is a new provider of intelligent cloud infrastructure that supports the needs of today’s global enterprises. With Cerbos Cloud, companies can achieve streamlined operations through its extension of

Show me the money

Cerbos is a cutting-edge machine learning platform that lets businesses harness the power of AI to make better business decisions. Its seed round raised $3.5 million in 18 months ago, and with its extended seed round, it has attracted a slew of new institutional and angel investors including Omers Ventures, Chime co-founder Ryan King, former Palo Alto Networks’ CMO Zeynep Inanoglu Ozdemir, early GitHub engineer Zach Holman, Warp founder Zach Lloyd, and Brevan Howard Digital CTO Lewis Tuff. These backers are excited about Cerbos’ potential to help businesses automate their decision making processes and improve their overall operations.

Cerbos has raised $3 million in Series A funding, which the company will use to bring its Cloud product to market. Cloud is a platform that allows users to manage access to system resources and applications. Cerbos plans on charging users based on their monthly active principals, orauthorized users. Users will be able to choose between two pricing levels, either per principal or per month. This move is an attempt by Cerbos to monetize its open source project and bring its products to market.

Since its inception, Cerbos has been dedicated to fulfilling the needs of enterprises, providing them with secure cloud storage that is not only reliable and performance-optimized, but also compliance-ready. With its latest cash infusion, Cerbos is well-positioned to not only build out Cerbos Cloud toward its full commercial launch, but also lay the foundations for an enterprise-grade Cerbos incarnation. This would allow businesses of all sizes to securely store their sensitive data in a compliant and reliable cloud service without sacrificing performance or affordability.

Reuters is planning to invest in Cerbos Cloud, a Seattle-based software company that provides a platform for customers to store and manage intellectual property. Reuters believes that Cerbos Cloud’s platform can help it expand its business by providing a way for customers to store and manage their intellectual property.

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