Apple TV+ Partners with Canal+ to Offer Exclusive Content for All Subscribers

Apple TV+ is a premium streaming service that offers hundreds of live and on-demand TV shows and movies, as well as exclusive content from some of the biggest names in Hollywood. With Canal+, French customers who subscribe to the service will have access to all of Apple’s content without having to pay extra. This marks a big win for both companies, as Canal+ provides an important platform for distribution for Apple’s new service, while offering subscribers an additional source of entertainment.

Canal+ is bundling Apple TV+, Disney+ and Netflix with its most expensive subscription plans, but it doesn’t work like carrier deals where telecom companies often offer a few months of Apple TV+, Disney+ or Netflix with their most expensive subscription plans. Instead, you need to buy each service individually which can be frustrating if you want to subscibe to all three services.

Canal+, a French pay-TV service, has been working with Apple TV+ to bring its premium content to the new platform. Shows like ‘The Morning Show’, ‘Foundation’ and ‘Téhéran’ will be broadcasted on Canal+’s premium channels for people who still watch live TV. This content will be available in the Canal+ app directly (myCanal).

Given that Canal+ subscribers can already access Apple TV+ content through a different app, it seems like this add-on service would be superfluous for most. Therefore, I don’t see why people would pay for it when they can get the same content for free through other means. Additionally, since Apple TV+ requires a separate subscription, this may lead to fewer people using the app overall.

Cue’s statements suggest that Apple TV+ will be around for a long time, even if the company does discontinue it in the future. This could mean good news for those who have been using the streaming platform, or it could simply be an indication that Apple is reserving the service for future content expansions.

Apple’s new service, Apple TV+, is targeted at attracting more international subscribers. The timing of the announcement is interesting because it comes just a few weeks after another service aiming to do the same, Netflix, announced that they had lost over 125 million domestic subscribers in the first quarter of 2019.

Apple partnering with Canal+ will give the iPhone and iPad owner a larger variety of content to watch. Offering viewers subscriptions to Canal+ gives them access to tons of TV shows, movies, and other content they may not have known existed. Additionally, Canal+ has a large audience in France so this move will definitely reach a lot of people who would be interested in subscribing.

The two companies have been working together for some time and it seems that this relationship is growing stronger by the day. This partnership means that Apple platforms, such as the iPhone and iPad, can now sell shows without having to pay standard in-app purchase fees. This may be good news for users who already have payment methods associated with their account, as they will not have to pay anything extra. However, it seems like Canal+ might only be able to sell its shows on Apple platforms for now – we’ll have to wait and see if this changes in the future.

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