HomePods: Now Helping You to Stay Safe From Fire With Smoke Alarm Alerts!

The activation of sound recognition for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is an interesting addition to the HomePod. It will be beneficial in informing people who are home when the alarms go off, as well as giving them a chance to take action if they happen to be asleep when the alarm goes off.

Some time after the initial release of the HomePod, Apple announced that it would be adding a new feature to the device which would allow people who didn’t own a connected detector to have peace of mind. Called “Notification Center Override,” this feature allows users to set up notifications for certain events such as when their HomePod or HomePods are moved, when they get an alert on their iPhone lock screen, and more. If you’re not home and one of these notifications pops up, you can easily dismiss it by opening the iOS notification center on your phone and selecting the appropriate message.

Apple’s new Home App gives you a live view of what’s happening in your place, with sound recognition so you don’t have to keep microphone open.

With the release of the new Amazon Echo Spot, many customers are wondering if their homes now have to be guarded against Alexa. The answer is no, as this new feature simply sends alerts when there is a sound of breaking glass. This could be an easy addition for Apple to include in future releases of the Echo family of products, as it could help prevent unwanted accidents.

Whether you’re a worried home owner or just want an easy way to check on your place when you’re away, a smart speaker with

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