Taiwan Transformed by Gogoros Virtual Battery Swapping Stations.

Gogoro plans to use a wide variety of sustainable energy sources to power their bicycles and generate income for the company while doing so. By giving back energy to Taiwan’s electrical grid, Gogoro is helping to keep Taiwanese homes and businesses powered without relying on polluting energy sources. Additionally, this provides an additional source of income for the company as it sells electricity back into the grid.

The integration of 2,500 GoStations into Enel X’s VPP will provide the Taiwanese company with greater efficiency and reliability when it comes to powering their facilities. The partnership also allows for the sharing of expertise and technology across both companies, ensuring that both are able to improve their respective offerings in a competitive environment.

A VPP is a type of energy grid management that allows for the collection and use of small-scale energy resources in order to provide grid reliability and affordability. By coordinating these resources with the electric grid, providers can create a stable and affordable source of electricity for customers.

Resilience is key to implementing Taiwan’senergy transition. The VPP between Enel X and Taiwan Power Company contributes to increased resilience by providing backup power in times of crisis or during periods of high demand. Improved system resilience allows for a more coordinated and efficient energy system, which in turn can reduce emissions and improve air quality.

The Gogoro Network is a new type of energy infrastructure that allows users to purchase and sell energy. The Gogoro Network and the Enel X Virtual Power Plant (VPP) in Taiwan are collaborating to create a new energy resource. This partnership creates a new revenue stream for Gogoro beyond mobile services.

Gogoro’s stations collectively hold nearly 12 gigawatt hours, enough power to supply over 1 million homes with electricity for a year. With plans to install many more stations across the globe, Gogoro is looking to become a global energy provider.

A decade ago, when computing and digital devices were starting to become more prevalent in people’s lives, Gogoro was founded with the lofty

The formal partnership between Gogoro and Enel X will allow the two companies to further explore ways that the Gogoro network can be integrated into the greater energy infrastructure of both countries. The pilot completed in 2022 demonstrated that Gogoro’s network could safely pause charging during a grid imbalance or provide energy back to the grid as required without causing any interruptions to battery swapping customers. This partnership will allow Enel X to further test this technology and see if it can be scaled up for implementation in larger grids around the world.

Already, Gogoro has converted nearly 1,300 GoStations across more than 500 locations into VPP nodes. This month, the company plans to add another 200 nodes by attaching a piece of hardware from Enel X that connects Gogoro’s network with Enel’s grid management software. With this addition, the plan is to get to 2,500 GoStations across 1,000 locations by mid-year. This fleet of strategically placed nodes will provide seamless coverage for on-the-go commuters who need reliable transportation options and access to high-speed Internet services.

For Gogoro, being a part of Enel X’s VPP has been a valuable opportunity not only to ensure a more stable grid, but also to earn revenue outside of mobility. By either paying Gogoro outright or giving the company discounts for energy it sells back to the network, as well as when Gogoro pauses energy at its stations, this arrangement benefits both companies considerably.

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