Arcimoto Shuffles Leadership Again: Three-Wheel EV Startup CEO Resigns

The new leadership team at Arcimoto is hitching its wagon to the latest trend in electric vehicle technology, doorless vehicles. This shift away from traditional car doors is seen as a way to make the vehicles more accessible and allow them to emulate other modes of transportation like bikes and buses.

Chris Dawson had served on Arcimoto’s board of directors since May, and was brought in to serve as the interim CEO after Jesse Fittipaldi left Arcimoto abruptly in early July. Allegations of sexual harassment against Fittipaldi led to his departure, but it is unclear what role, if any, these allegations played in his departure. While Dawson will take over as CEO from Fittipaldi, the company reiterated that he will continue to serve as president and report directly to Dawson.

Since the leadership changes, Arcimoto has been trying to figure out how to move forward. Some employees feel that the company is rudderless and directionless. However, others are confident that with new leadership in place, Arcimoto will be able to solidify its position as a leading player in the electric vehicle space.

Amid allegations of workplace misconduct, Fittipaldi assumed the interim role at Arcimoto. The company has faced turmoil in recent months, with Frohnmayer slapped with a DUI citation and Dawson joining the startup’s board. With Arcimoto quickly ascending as one of Oregon’s most promising startups, it will be interesting to see how Fittipaldi implements changes to ensure continued success.

Who is Chris Dawson?

Arcimoto anticipates that its incoming CEO’s experience with the energy industry will be a valuable contribution to the company. Arcimoto is confident that under his leadership, Arcimoto will continue to thrive and grow into a leading player in the electric vehicle market.

Dawson’s experience at both Tesla and Arcimoto highlights the importance of R&D in the automotive industry. While Tesla continues to focus on developing new technologies, Arcimoto is focusing on developing practical, efficient ways to live off-the-grid. Ultimately, this will be beneficial for both companies as it expands the market for their products.

Nikola Tesla was a prolific inventor who is best known for his work in electrical engineering. He is credited with the development of the alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, and he also created the Tesla coil, a device used for producing electromagnetic forces. One of Tesla’s most well-known companies is Tesla Motors Inc., which produces electric cars. The name “Tesla” may be confusing to some because it sounds similar to several other companies that produce electric vehicles, including Chevrolet (Chevy), Nissan (Nissan), and Audi (Audi).

Tesla’s CTO, JB Straubel, is a controversial figure. After leaving his previous position as the head of product at Facebook, Straubel quickly moved to Tesla and has been heavily involved in the company’s development since then. He has a long history with Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk, who he worked with at PayPal prior to founding Facebook. However, some investors question Straubel’s commitment to the company given that he only spent about six months with it before jumping ship to join Tesla.

Arcimoto sees Tesla as a model for their engineering services company. Just like Tesla, Arcimoto plans to utilize their engineering expertise to help revolutionize various industries.

Tesla, the famed inventor and businessman who is associated with numerous technological advances including AC electricity and electric motors, is said to have had a hand in developing drones. The Texas-based Nikola Tesla Co. does consultancy work for this industry, but it emphasizes hands-on involvement in its work.

Dawson’s experience with the DoD likely comes in handy as Tesla continues to build out its electric vehicle lineup. The company is currently working on a ‘Model 3’, which is Tesla’s most affordable car yet and targets the middle market.

What’s next for Arcimoto?

Arcimoto may have warned investors in its annual report that it had “substantial doubt about [its] ability to continue” operating, but this did not stop the firm from securing $18 million in additional funds earlier this year. Arcimoto plans to start shipping new EVs in March, indicating that it has a strong determination to carry on despite the challenges it faces. This is a testament to the company’s innovation and vision, which remains unrivaled despite its financial struggles.

Arcimoto appears to be thriving and producing more vehicles every week than ever before. This recent cost-cutting, however, has resulted in a smaller staff, which may result in some hiccups as the company grows. Arcimoto is an ambitious company that is constantly expanding its reach; it will likely continue to do so despite these setbacks.

This declaration from the incoming CEO sends a clear message to the employees of TechGround: their work is valuable, and they are expected to contribute towards the company’s success. The company is committed to making profits by servicing its users with top-quality content, and expects its employees to help it achieve this goal. Rewards will be given for effort and contribution, ensuring that everyone at TechGround feels appreciated.

Dawson said Arcimoto is focused on continuing to improve the quality of its vehicles, as well as expanding into new markets. Currently, Arcimoto is exploring opportunities in self-driving technology and delivery.

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