Google Fi Gets a Revamp with Smartwatch Support, Free Trial, and More

Google Fi Wireless is a cell phone carrier operated by Google that offers customers a variety of services, including the ability to use their phone with any compatible provider. The rebranding adds a bit of clarity about what exactly the service offers to its customers, and it also introduces new features and updates.

Google Fi Wireless is continuing to make updates to their service, adding cellular connectivity for the Pixel Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line to their Simply Unlimited plan. This change allows customers with a cellular version of one of those watches to add it to any Google Fi Wireless plan for no extra charge. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of Apple Watch support at this time.

Google Fi Wireless is a great alternative to cellular service if you’re looking for a Edited by: on May 15, 2019 6:56 pm

reliable and affordable wi-fi service. Their new free trial offer gives you an opportunity to try Google Fi Wireless without any commitment.

As Google Fi Wireless expands its coverage to more places, people are eager to give it a try. The free 7-day trial is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the service before making the decision to sign up. Plus, if you decide that Google Fi Wireless is a good fit for you, you can keep your number and continue using it with your current service providers.

Customers who add a line to their wireless service will now receive a complimentary Google Pixel 6a, Samsung A14, or moto g power phone. The phones come with a 24-month commitment that require customers to stay on the wireless plan. If you cancel the agreement before the 24-month period, you’ll have to pay the difference on what you still owe. These phones are great choices for customers because they are high end devices that offer great features and specifications.

Google Fi Wireless is making sure that its app is easier to use for families by redesigning it so that users can manage their digital safety settings. This new update will make sure that children can only be contacted or texted by trusted numbers and add new members to the family, all while keeping everyone connected through Google Fi’s wireless network.

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