Dont Miss Your Last Chance: Apply to Speak at TG+ Disrupt!

Ready to take your tech startup to the next level? Apply today to lead a session at TechGround Disrupt 2023 in September. The time has come to stop procrastinating and Get. It. Done! Whether you’re a seasoned startup expert or just getting started, this is the event for you. With top-notch speakers and loads of opportunities for networking, this is an unforgettable opportunity that not everyone will get chance to experience. Don’t miss out -Apply now!

Today’s your last chance to apply to speak at TechGround 2023

For the rest of us, there’s no such thing as taking things lightly — especially when it comes to our careers. After all, tomorrow could be our last day on this earth. So why not make the most of it? By dropping everything to get that application in by 11:59 p.m. PDT today, you’ll help inform and educate the next generation of startups and potential unicorns while establishing or enhancing your reputation as a thought leader and partner in the startup industry. It’s a win-win situation that can change your life for the better!

How to apply to speak at TechGround Disrupt 2023

In today’s society, having a bank account is almost a requirement. It’s the easiest way to store our money and access it when we need it.Unless you’re living on some kind of commune or poverty-stricken farm, chances are you have a bank account. But what about before banks were commonplace? What methods did people use to store their money before they started using banks?This project will explore

  • Breakout Session: Up to two people (including moderator) lead a 30-minute presentation followed by a 20-minute Q&A from an audience of up to 100 attendees. You’ll be able to display a presentation and have limited AV capabilities. You’ll present one breakout during Disrupt.
  • Roundtable Discussion: One person leads a 30-minute interactive conversation for an audience of up to 25 attendees. There is no presentation or AV — it’s all about organic conversation. You may potentially repeat this roundtable twice during Disrupt.

TechGround is proud to present the Audience Choice voting round for our upcoming Disrupt NY event. This round will allow attendees the opportunity to choose which sessions they would like to see at the event. The top vote-getters will then present live at Disrupt NY!

The year is 1897. A young inventor named Nikola Tesla has just finished his presentation to the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE). He has shown them a new device he has invented – the electric motor. This

  • Application deadline: Today, April 21, by 11:59 p.m. PDT
  • Finalists notified: April 27
  • Audience Choice voting: May 1–12
  • Winners notified: May 15

Are you an entrepreneur with a unique perspective on the tech industry? Do you want to share your story with the TechGround community, and help shape the future of tech? We’re looking for passionate speakers to participate in our inaugural Disrupt event. The TechGround Disrupt conference offers attendees the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge startups and emerging technologies, as well as hear from some of today’s most influential entrepreneurs. If you have a good story to tell, and think you have what it takes to influence other innovators, now is your chance to apply!

TechGround Disrupt 2023 will be the biggest and best tech conference yet! We are excited to have sponsors that are interested in being a part of this amazing experience. If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at TechGround Disrupt 2023, please contact our sponsorship sales team by filling out this form. Our team will be happy to help you get everything set up and make sure your presence at the event is one that everyone will remember!

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