Make a Lasting Impression: Crafting the Perfect Closing Slide for Your Pitch Deck

If your goal is to convince an investor that you have what it takes to create a successful company, then your first slide should be convincing. With impressive stats and a concise overview of your product, you can set the bar high for future slides. However, if you’re not careful, your second slide may suffer from a lack of polish.Introducing the team behind your product is important; highlighting the key players with backgrounds in sales and engineering enables investors to clearly understand how the products will be created. Additionally, showcasing images or videos of customers or users using your product helps demonstrate why people would want to use it. Just Make sure everything comes together on Slide 2- Don’t forget the final impression!

As an investor, it’s important to pay attention to the details of a business so you can make an informed decision. Many slide decks are simply too short and impossible to remember, making it hard to understand what a company does or who their competitors are. In the case of Orange, their shorthand summary is “the company that puts chargers in apartment buildings.” This should be easy for anyone around the table to remember, since all they need is a little bit of context (like knowing that Lyft and DoorDash are other ride-sharing companies). This makes it much more likely that everyone at the table will be able to talk about Orange intelligently without getting lost in needless detail.

Our company is all about providing an easy and convenient way for people to spend their time. Our products are helpful shorthand for busy people who want to save time and money. We are Freshbooks for plane ownership, Dollar Shave Club for underwear, Turo for caravans, and more!

You need a closing slide

Whether pitching investors or clients, you want to be sure that your closing slide is eye-catching and reinforces what the rest of your deck has been saying. You also want it to highlight any weaknesses so that potential investors aren’t left wondering about them during the meeting. To do this effectively, remember to start with your best stuff first and flesh out the details later. And if you don’t have a closing slide, focus on highlighting key points in the speech itself so that everyone understands what you’re selling. Good luck!

There’s something really empowering about seeing someone put all the hard work into constructing a powerful pitch and then having it perfectly edited. By breaking down each slide, you can learn what worked well on that particular section, for future reference or to use in your own pitches. It was also great to see different types of closing slides used; some more direct and assertive while others conveyed more humility or uncertainty respectively. Whatever your closing message might be, make sure to hone it in effectively!

Some examples of closing slides that work

The closing slide of Alto Pharmacy reads “See you soon!” The pharmacy is known for its wide variety of prescriptions and goods, as well as its moderately-priced prices.

With over $200 million raised, Alto’s mission is clear: to make a better pharmacy. The company is making strides in innovation, from creating new technologies that improve patient care to developing scalable distribution models that can bring generic drugs to more people at lower costs. With such a ambitious goal, it’s no wonder Alto has attracted some of the industry’s leading minds. A better pharmacy for everyone means more access to quality medications and improved patient care – and that’s something we can all support.

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