Venture Capitalist Aventurine Boosts Startups Growth Potential

Van Wie’s IP-forward accelerator is an attempt to solve the problem of vast untapped potential that exists in the world of tech patents. He believes that by allowing inventors and academics to continue working on their projects in a private setting, they can create better, more innovative products that eventually reach a wider audience. This model has thus far been successful for Aventurine Capital Group, as their portfolio companies have generated significant revenue and growth.

Aventurine sees venture capital as a slow and steadier way to grow businesses, rather than diving in head first and taking on high risk ventures. It has created a Perpetual IP Income fund, or PIPI fund, to help support companies with intellectual property for the long run. This approach is thought to be more stable and patient than traditional venture capital methods, which can often favor quick growth over long-term focus.

Joe Maruschak, the managing director of Aventurine’s investment studio, described the company as a “researcher who spent 20 years of their lives chasing a certain thing.” He went on to say that they have “caught the bug for chemistry,” and that this has led to them spending all of their lives in this field. Aventurine is looking to fund someone with a Ph.D. in chemistry who has discovered something new and exciting.

Academics often shy away from entrepreneurship because they don’t feel confident in their skillset. Aventurine believes that this is a mistake, and that researchers should be empowered to develop their discoveries and innovations into market-ready products. This requires patience and understanding of the business side of things, but it can be an important part of building sustainable impact.

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