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Help! My company didn’t register me in this year’s H-1B lottery

A question that technology businesses are trying to answer is how best to recruit and retain ethnic minorities. Some companies are opting for a more hands-off strategy, while others have developed targeted recruiting programs. Whichever approach is chosen, it’s important to consider the cultural norms of the minority group in question and make sure that the company’s culture is supportive of those norms.

Silicon Valley has been hailed as one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial regions in the world. With so much innovation and opportunity, it’s no wonder that so many people want to work or start a business in Silicon Valley.

However, not everyone is able to make the move to Silicon Valley or any other high-powered region for that matter. This is especially true for those who don’t have U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status. As a result, many people turn to immigration lawyers like Sophie Alcorn to help them navigate their way through the complex process of getting into Silicon Valley or any other region with high startup demand.

Recently, the “Ask Sophie” column was opened up to TechGround+ members. This column is a chance for readers to ask questions about various tech-related topics and receive answers from Sophie. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this weekly conversation and gaining some helpful advice, be sure to purchase a subscription through the promo code ALCORN!

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I am very disappointed with my company’s decision not to register me in this year’s H-1B lottery. However, I understand that it is a big responsibility and they may not have had enough spots available. I am still hoping to find a way to stay in the country and continue working on my STEM OPT application. In the meantime, I will continue pursuing other opportunities

I’m not sure what to do now. I worry that if I don’t do something soon, my mom will figure out how to contact me and I’ll be forced to come home. But staying here seems

In the age of always-on internet, it’s no surprise that many people in Silicon Valley are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. In addition to constant

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If you were not registered for the H-1B lottery, your STEM OPT is expiring on April 1st. But don’t worry! You have a bit of time before it expires. And if your STEM OPT expired during the grace period, that doesn’t mean you can’t apply for another one. In fact, as long as your application is complete and includes all required information by the deadline, your application will be given priority over applications submitted after the grace period. So don’t panic if you didn’t register for this year’s H-1B lottery; there are still options available to you!

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60-day grace period

If you are out of status, meaning your F-1 STEM OPT expired, and want to continue working during the 60 day grace period, you will need to apply for a new visa. This generally takes around 6-9 months but can vary depending on the circumstances. During this time you cannot work and must stay home unless you have authorization from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to work. Be prepared for a long wait since only a small number of visas are available per year.

The purpose of a student F-1 grace period is to give you time before you must depart the United States to either:
register for classes, receive your I-94 card, or exit the United States. This period is typically 10 days, but may be shorter or longer depending on benefits that you are eligible for.

  • Continue your education by enrolling in a new academic program at another institution and obtaining a new Form I-20
  • Apply to change to another nonimmigrant status for work or another purpose (USCIS recently clarified that it is ok look for a job in B visitor status)
  • Apply for a green card through an adjustment of status if you are eligible and don’t plan to travel internationally
  • Wrap up your affairs, travel inside the United States and depart the United States

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Continue your education

While the number of jobs available in the tech industry may be shrinking, there are still plenty of opportunities for people looking to start their own businesses. For those who are currently working in the tech industry, it’s important to stay focused and keep up with new technologies. If you’re feeling frustrated with your job or unsure about where your career is going, it might be time to look into starting a business on your own. The tech job market is volatile and always changing, but there are lot of opportunities out there for someone who is willing to work hard.

Although attending college as an F-1 student may be challenging, it is an opportunity not to be missed. A degree from a reputable university can provide you with a strong foundation for your future and help you build a competitive edge in the workforce. With hard work and dedication, an F-1 student can achieve anything they set their mind to.

A person who is seeking a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) often has to choose between a full-time job offer and an opportunity to complete the required training for a certain position. For example, someone who wants to be a physician may have to choose between spending one year working on their medical degree at a university or taking time off work to complete the required training. Similarly, someone who wants to work as an engineer may have to choose between working for one year as an intern whilst completing their undergraduate degree or choosing a part-time job that allows them more time each week for undergraduate study.

Change your status to visitor

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