Grubhub and Joco Join Forces to Provide NYC Delivery Workers with E-Bike Access

Joco’s gig workers can rent a free e-bike from the platform and use it to get around while they are working. This pilot program is meant to provide these workers with more sustainable transportation options, and help them save on their commute.

Grubhub and Joco have partnered to create a program that will provide delivery workers with e-bikes. The goal of the initiative is to ensure that workers have access to high-quality bikes, which can help them remain safe while they are working.

Grubhub is taking steps to become more environmentally-friendly by establishing a battery recycling program and partnering with recyclers to take in non-certified e-bikes. By doing so, Grubhub is helping to reduce the amount of waste that is created when electronic equipment falls into disrepair.

Delivery workers who use Grubhub are essential to the company and their safety is a top priority. In response to recent fires involving e-bikes, the company has partnered with organizations that work to prevent future tragedies. These partnerships will explore ways to prevent potentially deadly fires from happening in the future.

The Joco pilot with Grubhub will give delivery workers access to e-bikes for partial day, daily or weekly rentals. This is a great way to get around without having to rely on public transportation.

Grubhub is looking to help its delivery workers by providing a hub for them to relax, get some rest and access rider gear. The Joco rest stop hub will be located in downtown Manhattan, where the workers can use the bathroom, charge their phones and switch out bikes with dead batteries for fully charged ones.

Joco’s battery charging cabinets are said to be fireproof and have been tested at a nationally recognized testing laboratory. This means that the batteries in these cabinets are guaranteed to comply with IEC 62133 standard, which is an internationally accepted safety standard for portable electronic devices.

Joco’s origins lie in the bike-sharing space, but the startup has since pivoted to target gig economy workers. Joco hopes to give these workers a convenient and affordable way to get around town. The company offers bikes in private parking lots rather than on public property, making it an opponent of Lyft-owned Citi Bike.

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Cohen is hoping to make the process of obtaining a safe delivery vehicle easier for riders by partnering with companies such as Amazon, who are already known for their innovative approach to technology. This way, riders will be able to access vehicles that are both safe and reliable, rid themselves of parasites in the industry and help speed up the process of getting items from one place to another.

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