Secure Your Business with Bastion: Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Small Companies

Bastion claims to offer a simpler way to improve cybersecurity for small businesses, doing away with many of the complexities commonly associated with the issue. The company was founded by former Palantir employees and has already raised $2.8 million in funding. Bastion looks to provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use platform that can help businesses identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Bastion’s cybersecurity subscription plan is intended to help users better control their cyber risks. Bastion offers a variety of cybersecurity products that bundle together risk assessments, password management tools, and weekly cyber security check-ups. This enables users to have one single account that covers all their needs for protecting themselves online. Bastion also makes it easy to manage your subscriptions and reminders so you always stay on top of your cybersecurity risks.

The company specializes in developing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small businesses. ERP software is a comprehensive platform containing all the necessary tools to manage a company’s operations. By providing this tailored service, the company aims to help businesses increase efficiency and improve their overall performance.

Palantir is a data-mining company that gained renown for its software that can allegedly track down terrorists. However, some have raised questions about the company’s claims and whether it has actually helped to solve any crimes.

One of the main arguments against purchasing multiple cybersecurity products is that it can be confusing to identify which one is right for a company. However, cybersecurity experts we spoke with recommend having an insurance broker and an accountant on staff to help with this process. Having these professionals on board can help companies determine the best product for their needs and simplify the overall process of protecting themselves from cyberattacks.

New Yorkers frequently use three locks to secure their bikes, as it is one of the most effective measures to prevent theft. Even if a bike is stolen, it is difficult to remove the locks without the proper tools. Additionally, attaching the bike to a pole makes it less likely that thieves will be able to take it away.

Bastion is a $200 U-lock designed to be more securely attached to bikes than most models. The metal frame encases the bike’s wheels, preventing anyone from stealing the bike without first removing Bastion. Appropriate for both urban and rural areas, Bastion is a valuable deterrent against bicycle theft.

Bastion’s ideal customer is someone that is proactive and wants to make sure their company is in a good place. They are also someone that is comfortable asking questions and looking for ways to improve their business. Bastion’s ideal customer wants peace of mind knowing they can rely on the software they use every day.

Bastion’s phishing simulation module is designed to help businesses avoid common security issues that can arise from employees handing out credentials. Riot, a similarly-developed company, competes with Bastion by providing similar training services.

Bastion recommends that you implement various security fixes to shore up your configuration in order to minimize the attack surface. By doing so, you can reduce the chances of being attacked in the future.

In order to protect its employees’ laptops from malicious software, Bastion has deployed an EDR solution that uses a team of analysts to monitor endpoint activity in real time. This way, if a virus is detected on one of the employee’s computers, Bastion can take appropriate action quickly.

Bastion’s fourth module will allow companies to monitor incoming emails for potential threats, and eventually set up filters so that they don’t even appear in employee inboxes. This would be a valuable addition to businesses of all sizes, as it would help keep them safe from phishing scams and other malicious emails.

In order to reduce the cost of their products, Fournier’s team leverages open-source building blocks or they re-build 80% of what’s needed. This allows them to provide a high quality product at a fraction of the price.

For companies that want to keep up with the latest cybersecurity trends, Bastion offers a subscription service that includes access to its full suite of security tools. Bastion charges around €10 per employee per month, but this is a good investment given how much the company can help protect your team from cyberattacks.

When it comes to cyber security, companies large and small can often feel like they’re on their own. But this isn’t always the case, as evidenced by the success of Trend Micro’s product offering. Instead of selling its product directly to small businesses, Trend Micro partners with outsourced security service providers who can help banks, insurance companies and more protect their interests.

Bastion plans to become an all-encompassing, ecommerce platform for small businesses. Already partnering with some of the largest small business organizations in the world, this will help Bastion to grow exponentially and provide better service for its customers. Additionally, new features and product improvements are planned for the coming months so that Bastion can continue to serve as a reliable go-to source for ecommerce needs.

The four co-founders behind Bastion

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