US Listeners Get Jumpstart on YouTube Music Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, as many people enjoy listening to audio content while working or taking a break. Having podcasts available on YouTube Music will make it even easier for users to explore and subscribe to interesting shows.

Podcasts have been a staple in many users’ listening habits for years, so it’s great that YouTube Music is continuing to improve its support for the format. Now, users can continue listening to their podcasts on-demand, offline, in the background and even while casting from YouTube videos. This makes it easier than ever for podcast listeners to keep enjoying their content without interruption.

Starting in May, Google will offer a new podcast listening experience on YouTube that is separate from its music listening service. The new experience offers more control over how long you listen for and includes features like speed controls and the ability to skip ahead or backward. It complements the existing podcast video experience on YouTube, which allows users to watch shows in full without ads or Between episodes viewing extras.

Launching in partnership with Google, YouTube Music is a new music streaming service that offers ad-free listening and the ability to download music for offline playback. The paid version of YouTube Music also includes the ability to listen to podcasts, which will be available regardless of whether you have a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube Music homepage with podcasts

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Podcasts, which are audio-based shows that can be downloaded or streamed, will soon be available on the main YouTube app for all listeners in the United States. However, not everyone may see it just yet since the update is being rolled out gradually. YouTube plans to bring podcasts to its Music service outside of the United States soon but didn’t provide any specific launch details.

Podcasts have become hugely popular in the last few years, as people have found an easy and convenient way to listen to content on the go. The “Podcasts” tab in YouTube Music now includes a dedicated feed that will show you your favorite podcasts and recommended episodes, making it easy to find new content to listen to.

Because of the surge in audio-only podcasts, YouTube is advising creators that if their podcast is audio-only, they should consider uploading a video with a static image, or use audiograms or other dynamic video formats.

This strategy could be a major problem for podcasters, as it would make their content much less accessible to viewers who want to listen on YouTube. Furthermore, because YouTube is not exclusive with podcasters like Spotify, other platforms could potentially offer a better experience by integrating podcasts into their video offerings. This would make it harder for podcasters to gain an audience and could lead them to abandon the medium altogether.

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