Jack Dorsey & Elon Musks Conflict Over Twitters Future

Jack Dorsey is candid about Twitter’s struggles under the leadership of Elon Musk. He admits that the platform is faring poorly, but blames the board for forcing the sale and insists that Twitter had few viable options as a public company. This admission sheds light on Twitter’s past and present turmoil, and underscores just how important it will be for Jack Dorsey to continue to lead the company in a positive direction if Twitter wishes to remain viable.

Although Elon Musk may not have originally set out to be the best possible stewed [sic], he has proved himself to be the best possible CEO. His innovative ideas and forward-thinking strategies have helped him businesses grow, while also expanding environmental consciousness. In fact, he has even gone so far as to create a commercial space travel company, SpaceX, which is dedicated to making space exploration accessible for all. He is a true innovator and an incredible leader.

No. Nor do I think he acted right after realizing his timing was bad.
Nor do I think the board should have forced the sale. It all went south. But it happened and all we can do now is build something to avoid that ever happening again. So I’m happy Jay and team and nostr devs exist and building it.

A lot has changed since Jay Z bought the Brooklyn Nets, most notably their owner. While he originally bought the team to legitimize sports ownership through his popular music career, it’s been clear in recent months that he may be more interested in using them as a stepping stone into politics and entertainment. Criticism from both sides of the aisle have been rampant and ongoing ever since the deal went through; some accusing him of blatantly milking taxpayers for his purchase, while others criticize him for not living up to his commitments – especially when it comes to infrastructure upgrades being made to Barclays Center. Regardless of where you stand on Jay Z as an owner or musician, one thing is for sure: Brooklyn Sports fans are eager to see what direction he will take their team next.

Dorsey adamantly objected to the characterization of his post, noting that he has previously apologized for his role in Twitter’s fate. He argued that he is not responsible for the platform’s current woes, and that he intends to continue leading it into the future.

In his interview with Wired, Dorsey also blamed market conditions at the time for Twitter’s decline, stating that the company never would have survived as a public company in today’s competitive market. He also clarified his now-infamous tweet claiming that “Elon is the singular solution I trust,”, stating that he meant specifically for the outcome of taking Twitter private (presumably vs. other activist hedge fund investors).

Dorsey also took issue with the accusation that he “sold out” in selling the company to Musk, which is a flippant accusation for sure, but especially because Dorsey has always been staunchly public about his beliefs on social media and transparency in business. In fact, his contribution to building Twitter into the powerhouse it is today can be largely attributed to his willingness (and ability) to be open and transparent with investors and users alike.

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