“Preparing for a Greener Future: Developing the Workforce for Clean Energy”

Innovation in clean tech and renewable energy is moving fast — maybe a bit too fast. The clean tech industry is expected to create 8 million jobs by the end of 2030, according to a recent report by the International Energy Agency. These numbers are apparently based on current policies, and if more resources go toward the clean energy transition, the report’s authors expect the number to rise, too. The startup hires and trains folks to install and maintain sustainable heat pumps. It trains people new to the trades, provides upskilling training to those who have some experience, and has its workers install and maintain equipment for other companies.

The clean technology and renewable energy industry is constantly pushing forward, striving for innovation and progress. However, it seems that the pace at which it is moving may be a bit too rapid for its own good.

While there is no denying the abundance of clean technology solutions available in the market today, there arises a new issue: a shortage of skilled individuals who can install and maintain this technology.

A recent report by the International Energy Agency has projected that the clean tech industry will generate an estimated 8 million jobs by the end of 2030. These numbers are based on current policies, and if more focus and resources are directed towards the clean energy transition, the report predicts an even higher number. However, more job opportunities do not necessarily mean an equal increase in trained professionals to fill them.

This is where Berlin-based company Montamo comes in. As a startup, their goal is to address this problem by hiring and training individuals specifically for the installation and maintenance of sustainable heat pumps. They offer training to both newcomers to the trade and those looking to enhance their skills, and their employees are then assigned to work with other companies and carry out these tasks. As the company continues to grow, they plan to expand their services to other areas such as solar power.

As co-founder Alexander Boehm shared with us, Montamo’s objectives also extend beyond just addressing this issue. He explained that the company is committed to making a positive societal impact, particularly through the intentional hiring and training of migrant workers. Boehm himself noticed the challenges faced by migrant workers in Germany while working as a director for quick-grocery delivery startup Gorillas. He believes that despite their skills and backgrounds, it can be difficult for them to secure good jobs, and he hopes that Montamo can provide them with better opportunities.

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