“TikTok Enhances Tablet and Foldable App Experience with Latest Update”

TikTok has rolled out an update to enhance the app experience for viewers on tablets and foldable devices, the company announced on Monday. The company says the app is now better optimized for larger screens, as viewers can now experience a clear video feed, streamlined navigation bars and orientation support. By rolling out a landscape mode on larger devices, TikTok is inching further into YouTube’s territory, which it has already been doing by supporting longer videos. It’s worth noting that TikTok’s optimization for foldables and tablets comes as Instagram, one of its main competitors, still lacks an iPad app. By rolling out updates for the app experiences on larger devices, TikTok is able to move beyond its mobile-first approach at a time when the competition is still behind.

The popular video-sharing app, TikTok, has announced a new update that aims to improve the viewing experience on tablets and foldable devices. According to the company, the app is now optimized for larger screens, with enhancements such as a clearer video feed, simplified navigation bars, and support for both landscape and portrait orientations.

“With this update, users can expect a refined video feed that displays content with enhanced clarity.”

In addition to the improved video feed, users will now see navigation bars at the top and bottom of the screen, providing easy access to the app’s features and tabs. This update also allows for a seamless transition between landscape and portrait modes, catering to users who prefer different viewing orientations.

This news comes one year after TikTok first tested a horizontal full screen mode on mobile devices worldwide. The introduction of landscape mode on larger devices brings TikTok closer to competing with YouTube, especially as the app already supports longer videos. It makes sense for TikTok, which has been promoting long-form content for some time now, to enhance the viewing experience for users watching cooking demos and beauty tutorials on their tablets. By doing so, the company hopes to entice YouTube users to spend more time on TikTok.

The company stated in a blog post, “While most people are already familiar with and enjoy using TikTok on their mobile devices, we also understand that many like to access it on larger screens and foldable devices. Whether they’re catching up on the latest cooking trends or searching for the newest soccer highlights, we are excited to announce that TikTok is now better optimized for tablets and foldable gadgets.”

It is worth noting that TikTok’s optimization for foldable and tablet devices comes at a time when one of its main competitors, Instagram, still lacks an iPad app. By constantly updating the app experience on larger devices, TikTok is able to expand beyond its mobile-focused approach, while its competition continues to lag behind.

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