Last Chance Gamer Goodies: Don’t Miss Out!

But that also means that you have options for grabbing a last-minute gift for that gamer in your life! If they are over 35: Super Mario RPGIf your gamer is a nostalgic one (as those of us “of an age” often are), get them Nintendo’s latest nostalgia bait, the remake of Super Mario RPG. Like Super Mario RPG, some people feel a little weird paying full price for an old game, but getting it as a gift lets them dive in without a care. (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)If they have a friend they play with a lot: Remnant IIDoes your gamer have a buddy they reliably play with? It’s a lot of trends at once, sure, but it all fits really well together and is delightful start to finish.

Looking for a Last-Minute Gift for a Gamer in Your Life? Consider These Multi-Platform Titles from 2023!

Experience the epic gaming of 2023, a year packed with unforgettable titles on various platforms. With so many options, it’s impossible for anyone to have played them all – myself included. But that also means you have plenty of choices for a last-minute gift for the gamer in your life! Below, I’ve gathered some of the best titles that may have been put off in favor of playing the latest “Final Fantasy” or “Call of Duty.” And don’t worry, these games are multi-platform (excluding “Mario,” of course), so you can make the perfect selection for your giftee.

If They’re a Nerd or Want to Be: Baldur’s Gate 3

If your gamer is the type who always carries dice, enjoys complex card or tabletop games, and makes jokes about “crit fails,” then “Baldur’s Gate 3” is the perfect gift for them! Available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, this highly acclaimed RPG is earning award after award, and it’s even better now than when it was first released. Though it’s been out for a while, there’s a good chance your gamer doesn’t have it yet – many have been eagerly awaiting a sale. Don’t miss this opportunity to give them a gift they’ll love.

If They Like a Challenge: Lies of P

Is your gamer always talking about how much they love difficult games and complaining about “hand-holding” in modern games? Then “Lies of P” is the perfect choice for them. This unexpected Pinocchio-themed game is one of the best “Souls-likes” in years – that is, games that imitate the style of “Dark Souls.” Its dark and original story and setting, long and satisfying campaign filled with secrets and weapons, and unbelievably hard bosses will provide a true challenge for any gamer. Just make sure to buy a spare controller in case they break theirs in frustration!

If They Are Over 35: Super Mario RPG

For the nostalgic gamers out there (like many of us “of an age”), Nintendo has released the ultimate nostalgia bait – a remake of “Super Mario RPG”! While it’s more of a remaster than a remake, with updated graphics and handling for the modern era, it still has the same beloved story and gameplay elements. It’s a game that many have held off on buying due to the abundance of great titles available now, so your gamer will be thrilled to receive it as a gift.

If They Are Over 35 and Talk About Anime: Star Ocean The Second Story R

Another nostalgia kick, this time for those who don’t mind a little anime influence in their media (or don’t own a Switch). “Star Ocean The Second Story R” is a masterful remake of one of the biggest and best games from the 16-bit era. It features a stunning “2D-3D” art style and is sure to please any nostalgic gamer. Like “Super Mario RPG,” some people may hesitate to pay full price for an old game, but giving it as a gift eliminates that worry. Plus, while you don’t have to be over 35 to enjoy these games, it may help enhance the experience. This title is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

If They Have a Friend They Play with a Lot: Remnant II

Does your gamer have a reliable gaming buddy? Then “Remnant II” is the perfect gift, as it’s a fantasy/sci-fi shooter that’s designed for cooperative play. Its imaginative and strange environments and enemies, tough but fair gameplay, and variable procedurally generated levels make it a thrilling experience every time. And for the ultimate gift, consider getting a two-pack for whatever platform they play on.

If They Love Original, Artsy Things: Jusant

For the indie-loving gamers who value originality, “Jusant” is a must-have gift. This stunning and unique game may have flown under the radar upon its release, but it’s definitely worth playing. As an unnamed protagonist, you’ll climb a seemingly endless stone tower filled with the remains of a civilization, learning more about the world as you progress. With its gorgeous visuals and original concept, “Jusant” is sure to be a hit with any gamer.

If They Played Stardew Valley for 700 Hours: Roots of Pacha or Moonstone Island

For many gamers, “Stardew Valley” set the bar for “life-sim” games – and it’s been tough to find something that even comes close. But the newly released “Roots of Pacha” may be the closest contender yet. Set in the Stone Age, this charming game allows players to help their tribe discover everything from crop improvement to animal husbandry while enjoying a peaceful and immersive experience. And for those who prefer a bit more action, check out “Moonstone Island” – a game that combines town and farming simulation with exploration and Pokemon-like combat. With its deck-building component and procedural generation, it offers a unique and enjoyable experience for any gamer. Both titles also have multiplayer options, making them perfect for playing with friends.

Whether your gamer is into epic RPGs, challenging games, or original and artsy experiences, you’re sure to find the perfect last-minute gift from this list. And with these multi-platform options, you can make the perfect selection for your giftee’s preferred gaming platform. Happy gifting!

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