Quickly Enhance Your Instagram Posts with Music: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram has a feature where you can add music directly to your posts — a popular option among users who want to add life to their content and show off their musical taste. Then, you click on the music note icon at the top of the editing screen, which brings you to Instagram’s music library of over 12,000 songs. Previously only available on Stories and Reels, Instagram expanded its music feature in 2022 to bring the capability to image posts. However, Instagram has yet to support music on carousels with videos. The app is also reportedly experimenting with music on profiles — a nod to the MySpace era.

Instagram has a unique feature that allows you to effortlessly add music to your posts. This has become a popular choice among users who want to add a touch of energy to their content and showcase their musical preferences. If you’re unsure of how to use this feature, don’t fret. We’re here to guide you through it.

To begin, select the photo you want to post and hit the “Next” button. Then, on the editing screen, click on the music note icon located at the top. This will take you to Instagram’s vast music library, with over 12,000 songs to choose from. You can browse the library in various ways – scroll through the “For You” section, explore your saved library, or simply type in the song, artist, or album title in the search bar.

You have the freedom to play up to 90 seconds of any song. To customize the music in your post, slide the bar left or right to choose the specific segment of the song you want to include.

Initially, this feature was only available for Stories and Reels. However, in 2022, Instagram expanded it to include image posts as well. And in August 2023, the photo-sharing app introduced this capability to carousels – a post containing multiple images. Unfortunately, music is not yet supported for carousels with videos.

Rumors have it that Instagram is also experimenting with adding music to profiles – a throwback to the MySpace era.

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