VinFast’s EV expansion includes new electric pickup truck in growing production plans

Vietnamese EV startup VinFast is trying to get into the electric pickup truck game, as it revealed a new concept called the VF Wild at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The company announced it also plans to start selling its smallest EV, the VF3, outside of Vietnam as previously hinted. The VF3 is a plucky little EV that VinFast announced in Vietnam earlier this year. Developing a truck and globally launching a compact EV aren’t even the biggest things on VinFast’s plate. Globally, the overwhelming majority of VinFast’s EV sales have been to a taxi company owned by Vuong.

Vietnamese EV startup VinFast announced its latest venture at CES 2024 in Las Vegas – a foray into the arena of electric pickup trucks with a concept vehicle called the VF Wild. But that’s not all – the company also revealed plans to expand its reach beyond Vietnam and offer its smallest EV, the VF3, globally.

Details on both vehicles are scarce at the moment. The VF Wild is said to have mid-size pickup dimensions and a folding mid-gate, allowing its 5-foot bed to transform into an 8-foot bed by folding down the rear seats. However, VinFast has not disclosed information on range, pricing, or potential production dates for the truck, which was only just unveiled at CES – without any official images available.

Meanwhile, the VF3 is a compact EV that has been in the works since earlier this year in Vietnam. The two-door city car boasts a limited range and an affordable price point (rumored to be below $20,000) but has yet to be released in VinFast’s home country. Now, the company has confirmed plans to introduce the vehicle globally. However, no specific launch dates or locations have been announced.

But these projects are just scratching the surface of VinFast’s ambitious endeavors. The company is also in the works to establish factories in North Carolina, Indonesia, and India, in addition to developing multiple other models.

If this seems a bit chaotic, it’s par for the course for VinFast. The young company, backed by Vietnam’s wealthiest individual, Pham Nhat Vuong, has been constantly in flux since its founding in 2017.

The VF8 SUV was VinFast’s initial transition to EVs, replacing their lineup of combustion-engine vehicles. The company’s first attempt to enter the U.S. market was met with harsh criticism, and they are currently working to improve sales with the help of dealers.

The majority of VinFast’s EV sales have been to a taxi company owned by Vuong, and he recently took over as CEO of the company amidst frequent leadership changes across its various divisions.

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