New Feature for Android Users: Introducing Audio and Video Calls by X

Elon Musk’s own social network X is rolling out the ability to make audio and video calls directly from the app to its Android client. One of the X engineers working on the project posted about the feature release and said it will be available to Android users after an app update. audio and video calls on X slowly rolling out for android users today! It’s one of the long list of things only paid users can do on X. Users can enable or disable calling through Settingle > Privacy and safety > Direct Messages > Enable audio and video calling.

In a bold move towards expanding its features, social media platform X, founded by the renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk, announced the launch of audio and video call capabilities for its Android users. This significant update was made known by one of the X engineers, Enrique, who tweeted about it and encouraged users to update their apps to enjoy the new feature.

This development was initially disclosed by CEO Linda Yaccarino in August 2023, followed by its release to iOS users in October. While audio and video calls can be received by anyone on X, only paid subscribers have the privilege of initiating them. This is one of the many exclusive features reserved for paying users on the platform. However, the ability for premium members to set an NFT as their profile picture was recently removed by X.

Users can easily enable or disable the calling function by navigating to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Direct Messages > Enable Audio and Video Calling. Within the same menu, they also have the option to manage who can call them, such as people on their contact list, those they follow, and verified users. Additionally, multiple options can be selected from these categories.

X has always been determined to be an all-in-one app, and their ambitions remain unchanged. In their latest vision for 2024, they plan to launch even more advanced features, including peer-to-peer payments, xAI-powered tools like “show dissimilar posts,” and new advertising products for marketers.

Recent reports suggest a decrease in advertising on X, with many advertisers turning to alternative platforms like LinkedIn after a controversial incident at an event in November 2023, where Musk infamously told them to “Go f*ck themselves.”

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