“Palworld Under Scrutiny: Pokemon Company Launches Investigation”

The Pokemon Company said Thursday it has not granted any permission to “another company,” referring to viral new game Palworld-developer Pocketpair, to use Pokemon intellectual property or assets and “intends to investigate and take appropriate measures” against the fast-growing survival game operator. The statement is Pokemon Company’s first acknowledgement of Palworld’s fast-growing survival title, which has sold over 8 million copies in less than six days, exceeding the performance of even the most popular AAA titles. Pocketpair, which released the title on January 19, insisted earlier that its game had more resemblance to a title such as Ark Survival than Pokemon. We have not granted any permission for the use of Pokémon intellectual property or assets in that gamem,” The Pokemon Company wrote in a statement on its website Thursday. “We intend to investigate and take appropriate measures to address any acts that infringe on intellectual property rights related to the Pokémon.

The Pokemon Company has recently released a statement confirming that it has not given permission to “another company,” referring to the creators of the popular new game Palworld, to use any Pokemon intellectual property or assets. The company also stated that it intends to further investigate and take appropriate measures against the growing survival game operator.

This marks the first time that the Pokemon Company has publicly acknowledged Palworld’s success, with over 8 million copies sold in under six days. This surpasses even the most popular AAA titles, showcasing the game’s immense popularity. However, as previously reported by TechCrunch, Palworld has been met with criticism from fans of Japan’s renowned company for alleged plagiarism and a striking resemblance to their own creations. Despite this, the game’s unique blend of monster collecting, automation, and survival and crafting mechanics has resonated with players.

Palworld, which is available on both Steam for PC and Xbox, has tapped into a growing demand for a contemporary take on the monster taming genre, which some argue was pioneered by Pokemon but has since failed to evolve significantly. It’s unclear whether this increased interest is fueled by a genuine interest or a desire to criticize the primary distributor of Pokemon games, Nintendo, for a lack of innovation. Regardless, Palworld has garnered a devoted following for its fresh approach.

The chief executive of Pocketpair, the developers behind Palworld, previously asserted that their game bears more resemblance to titles like Ark Survival rather than Pokemon. However, the team has faced backlash, with CEO Takuro Mizobe publicly commenting on receiving slanderous remarks and even death threats on social media platforms.

“We have received numerous inquiries regarding another company’s game released in January of 2024. We want to make it clear that we have not granted any permission for the use of Pokemon intellectual property or assets in that game,” wrote The Pokemon Company on its official website.

The statement goes on to assert that the company plans to thoroughly investigate any potential infringements on their intellectual property rights related to Pokemon and take appropriate action. They also reaffirm their dedication to nurturing and cherishing every Pokemon and its unique world, working towards uniting people through the beloved franchise in the future.

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