Opera to Debut Revolutionary iOS Browser in Europe with Advanced AI Technology After Apple’s DMA Updates

Opera revealed today that it will launch a new AI-powered browser built on its own engine for iOS in Europe. The changes will allow developers to offer browsers that are not based on the WebKit browser engine. Opera says the changes will allow it to provide iPhone users with an AI-powered alternative to Safari. Last year, Opera introduced its “Aria” browser AI and redesigned its flagship desktop browser and called it Opera One, which will also be the name of the new iOS browser. At the time, Opera said the new browser has elements that will make it ready for a “generative AI-based future.”

Opera announced today that it will be launching a revolutionary new browser for iOS in Europe, powered by advanced AI technology and built on its own engine. The Norway-based company made the announcement following Apple’s recent decision to allow alternative browser engines to run on iOS, as mandated by the European Digital Markets Act (DMA).

“As the leading European browser developer, we embrace the changes introduced through the DMA, aimed at fostering competition and offering users a more diverse selection of browsers on iOS,” said Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera.

“We intend to deliver on this with the AI-centric Opera One for iOS. Furthermore, we are excited to see the confirmation that Apple will also implement a browser choice screen for iOS, making it easier for users to choose their favorite browser as default also on their mobile devices.”

Previously, Apple required all third party browsers to use its own WebKit engine, which also powers its Safari browser. However, in order to comply with the DMA, Apple will now allow developers to submit non-WebKit-based browsers, including those in-app browsers used for displaying webpages within iOS apps.

Opera is taking full advantage of this change, declaring that it will provide iPhone users with an AI-powered alternative to Safari. According to Arnesen, this is an important step in the right direction for fostering healthy competition and giving users more control over their browsing experience.

Opera also expressed excitement for Apple’s new interoperability request form, which will allow developers to submit additional requests for compatibility with iPhone and iOS hardware and software features.

The new browser, named Opera One for iOS after its flagship desktop browser, is expected to launch in March in conjunction with the implementation of the DMA. While these changes are currently only applicable in the European Union, Opera is hopeful that Apple will eventually extend these new freedoms to iOS users around the world.

While the company did not share specific details about the new browser, it did tease a “major investment” in a key AI infrastructure project in Europe. This is in line with Opera’s previous efforts, such as introducing its “Aria” browser AI and redesigning its desktop browser to be ready for a “generative AI-based future.”

In conclusion, Opera’s upcoming AI-powered browser for iOS is an exciting development that will bring more choice and innovation to iPhone users. With the help of advanced technology and a diverse range of features, Opera One for iOS aims to provide a unique browsing experience that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional browsers. Stay tuned for more updates from Opera as they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the browser world.

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