Exploring Integration: Uber’s Plans to Integrate with India’s ONDC

Uber has signed a memorandum of understanding with an Indian government-backed program that aims to make mobility and commerce more accessible across the South Asian nation. The ride-hailing giant said Thursday that it will explore an integration with Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) to explore integrations with the network and expand range of its mobility offerings on the Uber app. The ONDC is an ambitious initiative seeking to disrupt the country’s fast-growing e-commerce and mobility sectors. Though firms like Amazon and Flipkart have expressed intentions to participate in the open network, their engagement remains limited. “As the Open Network is continuously evolving, MTT (mobility, transport and travel) is certainly a critical sector for us.

Uber has inked a deal with a government-supported program in India, aiming to enhance accessibility for individuals and businesses all across the South Asian country.

The ride-sharing behemoth announced on Thursday that it intends to collaborate with Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), delving into potential integrations with the network and broadening the scope of its mobility offerings on the Uber app. During an event in Bengaluru, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi stated that the company has a keen interest in open-source technology stacks and recognizes the potential opportunities they can create for everyone.

“We are thrilled to be taking this first step with ONDC through our MoU, to explore how we can expedite our goal of transforming Uber into a platform catering to the daily mobility needs of every Indian,” stated Prabhjeet Singh, President of Uber India and South Asia, in a press release.

Introduced in 2021, ONDC is an ambitious initiative that seeks to shake up the rapidly expanding e-commerce and mobility sectors in India. The goal is to democratize online commerce by providing an open platform that can connect buyers and sellers from various markets, making it easier for even small-scale retailers to reach potential customers. In the previous year, ONDC expanded to the mobility industry as well.

Despite making inroads, one of the main hurdles for ONDC has been the lack of participation from major corporations. While companies like Amazon and Flipkart have expressed interest in joining the open network, their involvement remains limited.

“As the Open Network continues to evolve, mobility, transport, and travel are undoubtedly crucial sectors for us. Collaborating with different players on the network promotes innovation and the creation of new business models,” said T Koshy, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ONDC, in a statement.

He further added, “Today’s MoU is a significant step forward, and one that we hope will enable diverse mobility solutions to benefit every Indian.”

This story is still developing, and we will continue to provide updates.

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