“Introducing Lightricks’ Revolutionary AI Film Studio for Enhanced Storytelling”

Lightricks, the company that makes popular apps like Facetune and Videoleap, announced a new AI-powered filmmaking tool called LTX Studio today. LTX Studio, which is currently inviting users to sign up for a waitlist, is a web-based tool. Creators can first type an idea they have and LTX Studio will create a script and a storyboard for them along with characters through a prompt. That thought process led the startup to make LTX Studio. Plus, with the latest LTX studio launch, it is aiming to cater to more professionals.

Lightricks, the company that revolutionized photo and video editing with popular apps like Facetune and Videoleap, has just announced their latest groundbreaking tool: LTX Studio. This new AI-powered filmmaking tool aims to assist creators in all stages of the creative process, ultimately resulting in a professional and stunningly realistic short film. What’s more, LTX Studio is currently inviting users to join the waitlist for early access. The company plans to make the tool available to everyone next month, without any cost.

But how exactly does this innovative tool work? Through a series of prompts, users can enter an initial idea and watch as LTX Studio generates a complete script, storyboard, and characters. The storyboard is divided into several scenes, each with multiple shots that can be easily modified with different styles, locations, weather settings, and more. These shots can be customized with specific camera angles, motion scales, special effects, and dialogue for characters.

For further customization, there is also a shot editor that allows users to rename shots and adjust frame settings, motion scales, camera movement, duration, and sound. The flexibility of this tool extends to the characters as well – creators can add, remove, or modify characters, as well as import images with visible faces to create characters for their storyline. Lightricks has emphasized the importance of maintaining character consistency throughout the story, which this tool certainly enables.

Once the story has been tweaked and the shots edited to perfection, users can preview the film and then easily export it to share with others for feedback. Lightricks believes that this cutting-edge product will be highly beneficial for professionals such as filmmakers, those involved in pre-production, and even advertising agencies. Zeev Farbman, the company’s co-founder and CEO, shared that LTX Studio will expedite the initial stages of the creative process and allow filmmakers to explore various options for a scene without investing a large amount of time and resources into it.

LTX Studio is just one example of how Lightricks is utilizing AI in their products. In 2022, the company recognized the potential of AI and began brainstorming how they could incorporate it into their next-generation products. “We realized that there would be a paradigm shift with AI in all tool-making companies, so we wanted to develop something completely new,” Farbman shared in a call with TechCrunch.

While the company has already introduced AI-powered features in their popular products, such as Facetune and Videoleap, they wanted to create something entirely new. This led them to develop LTX Studio, which utilizes a variety of AI models for different aspects of the creation process. These include their own text-to-video model, among others. However, not everything is AI-powered – Lightricks is utilizing third-party asset providers for background music, as they believe that AI technology has yet to produce satisfactory quality in this area.

“62% of our users are already incorporating generative AI-based products into their work.”
– Lightricks team

Farbman also noted that the company has started consolidating their products, as seen with their decision to fold features from apps like Beatleap, Motionleap, and Filtertune into their marquee products. While some individual apps still exist, Lightricks is focusing on developing and enhancing their most popular products. The company has even discontinued certain products, such as The247, an editorial site they launched in partnership with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and her family, and LinkInBio, a link-in-bio service.

In addition to their consumer-focused apps, Lightricks is now diversifying their offerings. Last year, they acquired Popular Pays, a platform that connects brands with creators. And with the release of LTX Studio, they are aiming to cater to even more professionals.

“The future for Lightricks will revolve around AI, not just for consumers but also for professionals. We need to launch our tools, demonstrate their success, and then approach the market.”
– Zeev Farbman

Despite layoffs in 2022, which affected 12% of their staff, the company has no plans for further cuts to their workforce of 550. With a massive Series D funding of $130 million led by Insight Partners in 2021, Lightricks is determined to continue their success and reshape their company from a consumer-focused startup to a company that caters to both consumers and professionals.

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